International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland




There are some things that happen that could only happen at HearSay. Sometimes playful, often dramatic, always surprising, it’s the things we Experience that burn in our memories




Dark Delightful (live)

45 Minutes

Grey Heron Media with the HearSay Orchestra & the Limerick Gospel Choir


Powerful Stories, musical saws, choir crescendos, willful narrators and tickled tastebuds. Kilfinane is going dark for a tasting session devised by HearSay Founders Grey Heron Media of delectable bites for our senses.  Sit securely, don your blindfold and collectively experience dark taste explosions accompanied by sumptuous sounds in a live performance that combines audio with adventure.


Dark Delights will be a pre-booked event. Places are limited and demand is expected to be high so do make sure you register in plenty of time at our Welcome Desk (All food items are suitable for vegetarians.)


Note if you play an instrument (traditional or technological) and are interested in joining the HearSay Orchestra which will collaborate in a number of scripted and improvised events, drop an email to contact -at- hearsayfestival




“Wael Zuaiter: Unknown”

45 Minutes

Jesse Cox  & Co


In 1972 Palestinian poet and translator Wael Zuaiter was shot and killed by two Israeli Mossad agents in Rome. Earlier that night he had been with his Australian fiancé, painter Janet venn Brown. Years later, Janet’s great-nephew radio producer Jesse Cox, traces the story of Wael and Janet from Italy to the Middle east and tries to uncover why he was killed.


Presented and narrated live onstage, Wael Zuaiter: Unknown weaves together audio interviews, evocative sound design and music against a backdrop of projected illustrations and animation in this dramatic collision of documentary, graphic novel and theatre.




Soundscape Yoga

3 x 20 Minute Sessions (Saturday Morning, Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning)

La Cosa Preziosa


Grab a mat and enjoy this slow and relaxing twenty-minute yoga sequence suitable for all ages (no experience necessary!). Soundscape yoga takes place three times over the HearSay weekend. We will be tuning into our bodies and minds, with accompaniment from some of the best field recordings and soundscape creations from around the world.


Italian sound artist La Cosa Preziosa will guide you through a gentle Vinyasa flow that will connect the breath to the movement, and the movement to the sound.




The HearSay 2015 Audio Wake

Removal 30 Minutes, Funeral 60 Minutes

Nina Garthwaite with the Kilfinane Community


Pull up a pew. Say farewell. Building on a uniquely HearSay tradition, we are holding an Irish wake, but for audio - a piece of tape which didn’t make the final cut, because you simply had to kill your darlings. You know the piece of tape we’re talking about, it still excites you! You’ve tried many times to find a way for the tape to live, reworking it over and over, so as to include it into different pieces. It is time to let it go. It is time to mourn it but also to celebrate its existence.


For 2015 local customs will blend with sound and story. At the final ceremony, you will be invited to give the eulogy for the tape; to briefly tell the story of how the audio was captured, why you loved it, and why you had to leave it. Finally you will get to play that bit of beloved tape to the gathered crowd.


There are no distinctions in death. All HearSay participant are invited to bring a piece of audio to mourn. All of the  Hearsay family are your mourners. Your HearSay2015 audio undertaker will be Nina Garthwaite of In the Dark.


As it's HearSay, the venue is the suitably funereal Old Church. To make it all the more fitting and complete the Irish Wake, we'll have to have to ham sandwiches and tea and, maybe, a drop stronger.


[NOTE – if you are attending HearSay2015 and have a piece of audio that you would like to mourn and celebrate, contact Nina  via [email protected] by the 3rd November - candidates for burial ahead of the DEADline welcome!]




La traversée des frissons (Enquête sonore sur une sensation en voie de disparition)

Chill, Cold & shivers (Sound investigating an endangered sensation)

45 minutes

Aline Pénitot & Laura Morris


The education in chills has not been done well in this country. We do not know the real rules. When it surfaces, we are unprepared - Henri Michaux, French poet. Even though the cold is a sensation on the verge of extinction, we have gone back to three years of sound research in the glaciers and far north. Where else is it possible hear teeth chattering, bowhead whales, the soundscapes of Greenland, Inuit hunters, soundscapes from far-off countries….and a real improvisation with ice. A poetic journey between radio and electroacoustics.




The Lighthouse Project

45 minutes * 2

Luke Clancy and Kevin Brew with Chef Kevin Thornton


Luke and Kevin introduce recordings from that boundary between sea and land, the lighthouse. Featuring salty sounds and breezy stories from their recent RTE Radio 1 series, Lighthouse Stories, made in collaboration with sound recordist, Chris Watson, while internationally renowned chef, Kevin Thornton, offers a tantalising surround sensation for the nose

[Please note that as numbers will be limited for this event - pre booking will be required at the welcome desk on arrival ]






Heart Like A Duck

90 Minutes in total over three 30 minute parts

Resonance Radio Orchestra


A new radiophonic extravaganza from the team that brought you last year's extraordinary "Fifth Sketch for Ascent and Descent," starring local raconteur Willie Carr. In three parts over the HearSay weekend, "Heart Like A Duck" offers an expressionist, site-specific shaggy dog story that attempts to bring all possible sound sources into equilibrium, live before an audience and live-to-air. Featuring Ed Baxter, Peter Lanceley, Sarah Nicol, Michael Umney and special guests.,  Resonance Radio Orchestra gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music Foundation.





The Beach

a 10 minute performance.

Kaitlin Prest & Sharon Mashihi


Sharon is a bedraggled soul with a unibrow who is plagued by her inner voice (aka "the-part-of-her-that-doesn't-like-her) The voice follows her everywhere Sharon goes and judges everything she does. Sharon's only escape from her inner voice is..... her 'special place' (aka:"The Beach"). In the special place she only needs to wish for something for that very thing to "appear" in sound:  Waves, the breeze, the roaring applause of 1,000 adoring fans. But on this particular visit to the beach, the fish in the sea have turned into ringing telephones.  Each phone call is yet another cruel intervention by her inner voice.  As Sharon answers each phone call, the ringing mounts, and she must do a virtuosic physical dance to keep up with all the the taunting voices.


This performance is an investigation into sound, object, and the ways that human beings torment themselves. Each of the objects on the beach has its own unexpected sound, all of it being triggered live on stage by sound designer Kaitlin Prest.  

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