International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



HearSay is about a village coming together to celebrate creative audio everywhere. During HearSay, explore the village and Encounter #audioeverywhere.




Headphones On ….. Feet Ready, Go!

Available throughout the Festival – engage for as long as you like

Grey Heron Media in collaboration with Battery Radio


Wander the streets of Kilfinane with your headphones on, as the voices, stories and sounds of local people, HearSay Visitors, and special places are triggered off simply by your location and movement.


Since HearSay2014, the Grey Heron Media team (and HearSay founders) of Diarmuid, Mairead and Mary, has been collaborating with Newfoundland’s Battery Radio (headed up by the incredible multi-award winning Chris Brookes and his wonderful co-producer Annie McEwen (Third Coast Best Newcomer 2014). They've been developing compelling place-based audio experiences and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with geo-specific audio. Together they've created a wonderful location based audio encounter for HearSay2015.  


If you bring along your iphone or Android phone, you'll be able to download the app here in the village (yes it only works when you are in Kilfinane!) and be among the first to try out our latest version.




Collision: Trio for Piano and Voice printed to Vinyl Disc cut at 45 RPM

3 minutes’ [...or as long as you want!]

Jimmy Eadie


There's a strange beauty in sound that is unknown and unheard by anyone before it reaches our ears. Jimmy Eadie theatre sound designer with Pan Pan and founding member of the Crash Ensemble is creating a very special installation piece for HearSay that explores how sounds interact and combine to create something new


3 vinyl records will be pressed each containing the same material, when played back not synced together, the material will collide and marry to create a unique piece each time it is played. Voice side A and Piano side B, cut at 45RPM. The piece is of indeterminate length with multifold playback configuration.


Enter and take your seat in the armchair as the needles lifts.




"One, two, three, four. Is it snowing where you are”

Open Throughout in "Heffo's"

The Hurdy Gurdy Pop-Up Treasure Trove of Radio


Heffernans beautiful stone walled pub closed several years ago. For HearSay it reopens as a Pop-up radio museum of memory and magic. From the Martello Tower in Howth comes a unique chance to travel back in time and memory. Pat Herbert is a lifelong collector of vintage radios and gramophones, and over the past 60 years, he has amassed a wonderful collection of everything from the earliest Morse code inkers, to gramophones and radios which pre-date both world wars.


In 2003, Pat established the Ye Olde Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio in the Martello Tower in Howth and for HearSay, Pat is bringing an intriguing selection from his collection to Kilfinane.  The Hurdy Gurdy pop-up Museum will open its doors for the duration of HearSay and Pat and his team of trusty and true radio-heads will share the magic and stories of the collection and hear your memories. (The Hurdy Gurdy Museum will also feature in our special 2015 screenings of Radio with Pictures. )





HearSay Special Festival Audio Toilet (SPAT)

Open Throughout (except when you lock the door!)

The HearSay Builders


Dare you enter? You’ve heard about festival toilets right? Well, this one has a pleasant reason to encourage you to stay in rather than rush out!  There was an air of mystery at HearSay2014 about our SPAT – well the HearSay builders have been busy getting everything ‘flush’ for 2015!






The Sarah Awards Very, Very, Short Short Stories in Kilfinane

Ann Heppermann


The Very, Very, Short, Short Stories will provide you with a spark of an idea where the village and people of Kilfinane can be your setting for your next great fictional work.





Natural Selection

On-air and Off air throughout in surprising places

Resonance FM - Michael Umney


Resonance FM presents Natural Selection - a series of live field recordings from across Kilfinane. For HearSay 2015, open microphones will be located in the streets and fields, shops, pubs and homes of the town.


Each day Resonance will live mix a shifting and unpredictable sound portrait of Kilfinane, providing a direct atmospheric intervention into the station's own urban schedule.


Kilfinane residents and HearSay2015 visitors are positively encouraged to seek out and use the microphones however they wish!


Listen live at resonancefm.com





Just between you and me.

Throughout  - one person at a time

Kaitlin Prest  & Sharon Mashihi


An intimate audio experience specifically designed for HearSay2015. Come to the HearSay Welcome Point for suggestive direction.





The HearSay Story Store - Stories Bought & Sold!

Open Throughout with Daily Auctions!

In the Dark (Bristol)


For one weekend only, McCarthy’s Hardware Store is back in business as In the Dark Radio’s HearSay Story Store.  We’ve got stories galore packed onto our shelves.  Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.  Come purchase a lovely story for low low prices, or trade in your tired old stories for fresh new ones!  Come and get a taste of our Daily Specials, or sample our Local Produce.  And for the bargain-hunters among you, our daily Story Auction is the place to snap up a real deal.  Sad stories, funny stories, true stories, tall stories, we’ve got all you want and more in the HearSay Story Store.

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The HearSay2015 Programme

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