International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



Participate in interesting conversations brought about in surprising ways. Eavesdrop on live conversations between creators interspersed with compelling audio extracts as they explore wonderful sounds and their approach to making them.



Open Houses  (known in HearSay2014 as "AMAs with a twist")

40 Minutes * 14

Mystery HearSay2015 Contributors


The 2014 Open House in the Kilfinane parish priest’s living room is already the stuff of HearSay Legend. The conversation flowed as fast as the hot whiskies. “Open Houses” are a chance to get into the head and creative practices of some great audio makers in a very intimate space. Just 30 minutes long, small groups gather in intimate spaces around the village such as living rooms and around kitchen tables - the host producer/artist sets the scene by playing 5-10 minutes of audio works that they were involved in creating. The room is then opened up to enable participants to literally ask anything, sparking off insights, stories, discussion into and around the creative process.


What's the twist? We want HearSay attendees to discover audio disciplines & creators that they may not be familiar with as well as to have chance encounters with people whose work they admire. Participants WILL NOT KNOW in advance which contributor will be appearing at the Open House they have sat in on. We've got a great roster of contributors coming to HearSay from all around Ireland and the world, and from many different disciplines working with sound. When you step into the parlour for an Open House you could be greeted by any one of them.  Equally the people who have joined you will themselves come from a rich range of backgrounds. The variety and mystery should inspire wonderful conversation!


[Open Houses will operate on a pre-booked basis via the HearSay Welcome desk. They take place mostly in private living rooms, kindly offered by members of the local community, so please respect the space and your hosts while you're visiting  ]




S(o)unday Brunch

60 Minutes * 2 sittings

Salon du Chat 


Sunday morning, coming down?  Time for a coffee, a pastry and a chat.  Sit down with a group of other sound heads and let Salon Du Chat host your meeting of minds. Choose from a carefully selected menu of conversation topics: starters, main and dessert, each one with an audio flavour, such as The Loud Voice of Protest, Sound Heads, Who’s Listening In? & Cinematic Sound Moments.


Salon Du Chat have been hosting their hugely popular conversation salon for many years, and are a regular contributor to Ireland’s most popular summer music festival Electric Picnic.  




“The Winners talk it all" – The HearSay Prize 2015

90 Minutes

The 2015 HearSay Prize winners


A live reflection as members of the HearSay Prize Jury invite this year's HearSay Prize winners to play their pieces and delve into the inspiration, process and challenges involved.





Shots to Mammy

60 minutes

Eoin O'Kelly in conversation with Deirdre O'Shaughnessy 


When people approach Eoin O'Kelly of the Lyric Feature with an idea, they nearly always have one particular aspect of the project settled in their mind. They’ve usually decided that the programme will be narrated or presenter led AND the presenter is usually the same as the person who is making the approach. This may or may not be a good idea. Even when it is the right idea the motivation is often wrong. This motivation has an analogy in what TV news journalists refer to as a “shot to Mammy” – the inexplicable appearance in shot of the journalist usually beginning with the words “Behind me you can see...”  


People like to be associated with their own feature and in radio there is no more immediate way of doing this than putting one’s own voice centre stage. On the flip side there is a smaller constituency of audio producers who always ensure to have their own voice nowhere near the project - even when it should be! "Who tells the story?" is perhaps the most important question for a programme maker. Getting the rationale right in this regard can be an important determinant of the success of all stages of the production.





Surviving Together - The Factual and the Funny

60 minutes

Helen Keen & Miriam Underhill


Comedian Helen Keen and writing partner Miriam Underhill have created 3 series of BBC Radio 4’s multi-award winning space-history-comedy It Is Rocket Science and, in June 2015, moved to the 'primetime' 6.30pm slot with science & tech-comedy Big Problems with Helen Keen.

Join them for a discussion of how they (try to) mix the factual and the funny, the boundaries between entertainment and education - and how they’ve survived nearly ten years of working together without being natural team players ...





Planned Spontaneity

45 minutes

Jonathan Mitchell & Louis Kornfeld (The Truth)


The Truth podcast makes fiction stories that feel intimate and sonically expressive. To get that sound, producer Jonathan Mitchell collaborates with performers to find the ideal balance between writing and improvisation. In this session, he will play unedited recording sessions with actors, and demonstrate how shapes his stories through collaboration. He will be joined by writer/performer Louis Kornfeld, and the two will discuss the evolution of their process over the past three years, and how they arrived at the methods that work best for them.

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