International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



The HearSay Prize 2015 Awards and a lot lot more. From intriguing new ways to engage with audio to being blown away by new audio creations, from unearthing stunning audio from the past to sharing audio from the creators of the future - The Celebrate thread does what it says on the tin - celebrates wonderful creative audio from around the world.




The HearSay Audio Prize 2015 Awards Ceremony 


In association with our HearSay Prize Awards Ceremony Partners:  

Documentary on One & Hindenburg




HearSay celebrates creative sound in all its forms, bringing passionate people from all audio disciplines together for collaboration, conversation and inspiration. In this spirit of exploration and experiment, we created the HearSay Audio Prize which attracts entries from around the world.


This wonderful evening event will honour all the winners of this year’s awards and the creators of the two Overall HearSay Prize 2015 for Create and Celebrate will be revealed.  


Entries to this years HearSay Prize closed on October 12th and over 150 entries came in from 23 different countries  from Iran to Canada, France to Australia. Our jury of some of the world’s finest ears will be making 11 Awards in Total  


TWO Overall Awards

HearSay Create Award (Overall winner – for NEW audio work)

HearSay Celebrate Award (Overall winner – for EXISTING work)


TWO Awards for Work in a  Language other than English

HearSay Create Ganbearla Award  

HearSay Celebrate Ganbearla Award  


SEVEN Special Category Awards

Best Sound

Lyric Nova Radio Art

Doc on One Best (true) Story

Best Fiction

Best Irish-Produced

Best Student

Festival Director’s Prize (Boundaries)


Join us to celebrate wonderfully diverse and inspiring audio alongside the talented international producers who created it.





The HearSay Prize 2015 – Listening Alternatives

Member of the HearSayPrize 2015 Jury 


All of the 150 entries from 23 countries to this years; HearSay Prize deserve to be heard, not just the winners. This short showcase of selected entries to this year’s HearSay Audio Prize will be introduced by some of this year's judges. Entrants to the prize attending the festival are encouraged to join in the conversation and to give some background to the pieces. A must-listen for anyone up for discovering fresh approaches to creative audio.





HearSay2015 Screenings


ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit presents Radio with Pictures

45 minutes

Jesse Cox with screened contributions from Eleanor McDowall, Rikke Houd & the Hurdy Gurdy Radio Museum.


What do you get when you cross radio producers and comic artists? Or in the immortal line of Ireland's double Eurovision Winner Johnny Logan  “What do you say when words are not enough?”.


Radio With Pictures reunites the finest modes of storytelling there are – radio, and pictures to interplay between the senses. These special screenings were co-commissioned between Radio with Pictures and ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit, featuring Short audio stories turned into pictures from all over the world including one developed as a result of a chance encounter at HearSay 2014 between Rikke Houd and Pat Herbert of the Hurdy Gurdy Radio Museum.



Screening of “The Great Wall”

72 minutes

Director: Tadhg O’Sullivan

‘The Great Wall has been completed at its most southerly point.’ So begins Kafka’s ‘The Building of the Great Wall of China’, and so, at Europe’s militarised southern frontier, begins this film. From Europe’s edges, The Great Wall moves across fortified landscapes, pausing with those whose lives are framed by exclusion. Moving inward toward the seat of power, the film holds the European project up to a dazzling cinematic light, refracted through Kafka’s mysterious text.




Of life and land

15 minutes

Laurent Baraton

Laurent presents a short object about a french farmer who tells a relaxing almost spriritual talk about his landscape, and his connection with it! Starting from a "radio style" interview, but Laurents team decided to add and edit photos after the sound was recorded. The result is a kind of movie (although there is no video on it !), but it doesn't look like a slide show either, and it's not exactly a radio program. Of Life and Land is presented in the original French with subtitles triggered live in a dance with the sound.






The Chocolate Box of Aural Delights

45 Minutes per layer

Our surprise HearSay Chocolatiers


There're lots of discussions and powerful moments taking place throughout HearSay2015 but sometimes you just want to close your eyes and immerse yourselves in delightful sounds.


From Feature documentaries, to composed audio - in the Chocolate Box of Aural Delight, you can relax back, close your eyes and stretch your ears with some very fine long form listening blended with some tasty treats.


Each layer in the Chocolate box is curated by a secret HearSay contributor (chocolatier!) who have rummaged through their hard-drives and selected pieces drawn from the best things they have done in their lives (so far) and sounds that have inspired them. Amongst the many layers will be one dedicated to Irish independent radio productions. Other delights will arrive from around the world. Prepare to give time to something beautiful.





Doconone 256x256 Hindenburg with red background

The HearSay2015 Programme

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