International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


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The HearSay2015 Programme

Think   Deepen   Encounter   Converse   Experience   Celebrate

Programme at a Glance

Click on the headings "Think' 'Deepen' etc to see the full details of events for that thread


Think Space to explore intriguing possibilities and to think deeply about creative audio


Boundaries Between Fact and Fiction  Neil Sandell  (Canada) A provocative tour of the radio borderlands


Audience-Adapting Narratives  Tony Churnside  (UK) What new audio experiences could be generated if we started thinking differently


"Deconsecration": a radio sermon Sam Greenspan (USA) How telling stories of inanimate objects can help us make sense of their designers and of ourselves


The Radio as Time Machine Rikke Houd (Denmark) & Benoit Bories (France) Subtly strengthening a complex many-layered story in time and space


The Blind Experiment  Caroline Hennessy, Brian Leach & The HearSay Sound Investigation team (Ireland)  A HearSay experiment to explore the effects of sound on our tastebuds.


Good Catholic Radio  Ronan Kelly (Ireland)  Have Faith, don’t overthink it, just leap in!


Breaking the language barrier Tim Desmond (Ireland)  Meeting the challenges presented by language and diction when creating great docs


Out of Sync   Tadhg O'Sullivan (Ireland)  Cutting the cord from the sound of a given event as it actually happened in order to find a different truth


A Change Is As Good As A Rest Nina Garthwaite (UK) Imagine a workplace of Saxophone playing psychologists, wrestling welfare claimants and singing social scientists.


"How dare you bring that noise into our homes" Bernard Clarke (Ireland)  


Deepen Rich insights into the creative process of some of the world's finest audio makers


Dub it funny  Peregrine Andrews (UK) Make it funnier in the mix - helping humour through great sound design


The Sound of Terror  Steve Fanagan (Ireland) Insights into the post production sound design of the "The Hallow"


Stifling a Yawn Alan Hall (UK)  How and why the sound of radio docs is changing and what we gain and lose


Clock v Pod: Time and the audio story  Julia Barton (USA)  The role of time in our craft: from broadcast time's scarcity to digital audio's illusion of plenty


Boundaries & Choices in Film Sound  Niall Brady (Ireland)  The role of directorial decisions, editorial decisions and budget in the sound design and workflow of "Glassland"


The Personal Rubicon Conor  Garret (UK/Ireland) & Proinsias O’Coinn (UK/Ireland) The radio feature as a means of confronting an internal struggle


Lets take a listen!  Eleanor McDowall (UK) and more  Audio Clinic - tailored insights and tips from great creators in a very unique setting


Beyond Broadcast Mary-Elaine Tynan (Ireland) Giving your audio creation extra shelf life in the classroom


Musings on Music Sarah Blake (Ireland) and Ronan Kelly (Ireland) A fresh look at the function of music in storytelling, with practical tips and a "Battle of the Laptops"!


Exploring The Virtual Image: Thinking Visually About Sound Brendan Baker (USA) “Radio makes the best pictures.” How can thinking about sound as an image help guide our approach to production and sound design?




Encounter Discover a very special village with #audioeverywhere


Stranger Kilfinane: Headphones On ….. Feet Ready, Go! Grey Heron Media (Ireland) & Battery Radio (Canada) & Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)  A wonderful location based audio experience for HearSay2015.  


Collision  Jimmy Eadie  (Ireland) A very special installation piece for HearSay that explores how sounds interact and combine to create something new


"One, two, three, four. Is it snowing where you are ”  The Hurdy Gurdy Museum  (Ireland) Pop-up radio museum of memory and magic


HearSay Special Festival Audio Toilet (SPAT) The HearSay Builders There's a sound reason to  stay in rather than rush out!  


Natural Selection  Resonance FM (UK) Live field recordings from Kilfinane live mixed


Just between you and me.  Kaitlin Prest (USA) & Sharon Mashihi  (USA) An intimate audio experience specifically designed for HearSay2015


The HearSay Story Store  In The Dark (Bristol) (UK) Come purchase a lovely story for low low prices, or trade in your tired old stories for fresh new ones! Daily Story Auctions!


Echosounder - In Search of Place Eugene Boyle (Ireland) Scans the underlying depths of turbulent waters that we find ourselves in today, through a series of dialogues, soundscapes and video.


Acoustic Autographs Grace Digney (Ireland) Discover the art in your voice...



Converse Compelling conversations on audio creativity brought about in surprising ways


Open Houses  Mystery Hosts  Unannounced HearSay Contributors host open conversations in intimate spaces like living rooms


S(o)unday Brunch  Salon du Chat  (Ireland) Choose from a carefully selected menu of conversation topics:  each with an audio flavour,


The Winners talk it all HearSay Prize Winners  2015 The winners of the 2015 HearSay Prize winners and delve into the inspiration behind their pieces and challenges involved. See the Shortlist


Shots to Mammy Eoin O'Kelly (Ireland) with Deirdre O'Shaughnessy  (Ireland) A live conversation reflecting on  "Who tells the story?"


Surviving Together - The Factual and the Funny Helen Keen (UK)  & Miriam Underhill (UK) Working together (and surviving) on the boundaries of entertainment and education


Planned Spontaneity Jonathan Mitchell (USA) & Louis Kornfeld (USA) Discussion/Demonstration of the evolution of the colloborative process behind 'The Truth' podcast


Radio Art Meira Asher & Bernard Clarke (Israel & Ireland) The winner of the RTE Lyric Nova Radio Art award in the HearSay Prize 2015 explores her Radio Art, in conversation with Nova's presenter Bernard Clarke.


Insights / Connections Aline Penitot & Cristín Leach Hughes (France & Ireland) Sharing insights into the creative process from the boundaries between electro-acoustic composition, radio and music.


In Conversation Ciaran Kissane (Ireland/Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) A frank, open and informal conversation with Ciaran Kissane of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.



Experience Sometimes playful, often dramatic, always surprising HearSay Experiences


Dark Delightful (live) Grey Heron Media (Ireland)  Dark taste explosions accompanied by sumptuous sounds in a live performance that combines audio with adventure.


“Wael Zuaiter: Unknown”  Jesse Cox & Co  (Australia) A dramatic collision of documentary, graphic novel and theatre.


Soundscape Yoga  La Cosa Preziosa (Italy)   Yoga with accompaniment from some of the best field recordings and soundscape creations from around the world.


The HearSay 2015 Audio Wake  Nina Garthwaite & In The Dark (London) (UK) An Irish wake... for audio. To mourn but also to celebrate. All are welcome. There are no distinctions in death.


Chill, Cold & Shivers (Return Journey) Aline Pénitot (France) with Laura Morris A poetic journey between radio experience and electro acoustic composition performed live.


The Lighthouse Project  Luke Clancy (Ireland), Kevin Brew (Ireland) & Kevin Thornton (Ireland)   Salty sounds, surround smells and breezy stories from that boundary between sea and land, the lighthouse


Heart Like A Duck  The Resonance Orchestra  (UK) with Willie Carr (Ireland) & Joe Mullins (Ireland) An expressionist, site-specific shaggy dog story that attempts to bring all possible sound sources into equilibrium


The Beach  Kaitlin Prest (USA)  & Sharon Mashihi  (USA) A live performance investigation into sound, object, and the ways that human beings torment themselves.



Celebrate Celebrating and sharing wonderful creative audio from around the world.


The HearSay Audio Prize 2015 Awards Ceremony The HearSay Prize 2015 Winners Honouring all the winners of this year’s awards including the two Overall HearSay Prize Winners for Create and Celebrate (with the support of RTE Documentary on One & Hindenburg) Click here for the HearSay Prize Shortlists


ABC's Radio with Pictures Jesse Cox (Australia) Eleanor McDowall (UK), Rikke Houd (Denmark) & Pat Herbert (Ireland)  Reuniting the finest modes of storytelling there are – radio and pictures to interplay between the senses.


Screening of “The Great Wall” Director: Tadhg O’Sullivan (Ireland)  The Great Wall moves across fortified landscapes, pausing with those whose lives are framed by exclusion.


Of life and land  Laurent Baraton (France) A French farmer's meditation on his place within the landscape (with added visuals and live subtitles)


The Chocolate Box of Aural Delights  HearSay Chocolatiers from around the world Close your eyes and stretch your ears with some tasty audio treats from our surprise chocolatiers


HearSay 2014 Creative Reflections presented by Deirdre O'Shaughnessy featuring the work and reflections of Paolo Pietropaolo, In The Dark, Resonance FM, Annie McEwen, Mary McDonnell, Rikke Houd all inspired by HearSay2014.

HearSay2015 Schedule


Click here to Download the Schedule V5.1 20 Nov 6.30pm


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