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April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



Neil Sandell is a Canadian journalist, and until recently, was a senior producer at CBC.    


From 2004-09, he was executive producer of Outfront, a pioneering radio program that put microphones in the hands of ordinary Canadians allowing them to document their own lives. The program won numerous honours, including Prix Italia, Premios Ondas (Spain), the Best of the Gold medalists at the New York Festivals, and two awards from the Third Coast International Audio Festival (Chicago).  Sandell has won more than 15 international awards for his documentaries.      

He is particularly proud of “My Life So Far”.  In 2008 he and a colleague travelled to the remote aboriginal community of Alert Bay where they coached a group of youth on how to gather audio material that would capture their lives, their hopes and dreams.  The documentary was heard around the world as part of the Global Perspective series produced by a consortium of public broadcasters.


In 2011, Sandell was named the Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, Canada’s most prestigious journalism fellowship.  It allowed him to spend the year travelling, researching, and writing about youth unemployment.  His series, “Good Work Hunting: In Search of Answers for the Young and Jobless”, was published in the Toronto Star.  It generated buzz among readers and a mailbox full of invitations from policy wonks who never use the word “buzz”.  

In 2014, Sandell left CBC to take up residence in France, and embark on a fresh project:  reinventing himself, whatever the heck that means.  


Neil Sandell

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