International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


HearSay Media Coverage 



HearSay17 - A Selection of Radio & Print Coverage


HearSay17 took place from September 29th to October 1st 2017. Here is just some of the print and radio coverage:  


BBC Radio 4 - Broadcasting House

Jonny Dymond and Maria Byrne reported on HearSay17 for BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House. The eight minute piece aired on October 1st while HearSay17 was still in full swing.


You can listen to the whole programme here (the HearSay Piece is at 25 minutes).



RTE Radio 1 - Inside Culture

"Inside Culture" dedicated an entire hour to a HearSay17 special on October 16th 2017 with the entire programme recorded in Kilfinane - hosted by Fionn Davenport and produced by Zoe Comyns - amongst those featured are locals Annette Hayes, Diarmuid O'Leary, and Tom Ryan along with Festival Director Diarmuid McIntyre and contributors Lucy Dearlove, Jonathan Mitchell, Diane McCorry, Eugene Boyle, Judy Meg Ni Cinnéide, Clare Patey, Cathy Fitzgerald, Chris Brookes, and Eric Nuzum



Documentary Film

A Film Crew were present in the lead up and during HearSay17 to capture a unique portrait of the festival magic. The resultant film is expected to be completed for January 2018


Other coverage included  a rich preview of HearSay17 on the eve of the Festival by the Limerick Leader. A new BBC Radio 4 Documentary by BBC Northern Irelands' Conor Garrett and Author Ian Sansom was recorded at HearSay17 using the festival as a springboard into a surprising journey with creative audio. Limerick's Live95FM did a special 2 hour outside broadcast from Kilfinane during HearSay 17. LCCR did two preview interviews in the lead up to HearSay17. Wireless on Flirt FM did an in-depth interview with Festival Director Diarmuid McIntyre.



A radio and a press piece from previous years that got right under the skin of the Festival are:


RTE Lyric FM - Culture File  & Nova

A special edition of CultureFile on RTE Lyric FM showcased the installations and interactive elements of HearSay2015 including Jimmy Eadie’s (Crash Ensemble) and In the Dark (UK).  


(RTE Lyric FM's Nova also dedicated a special edition of the programme to the sound & radio art elements of HearSay that aired in 2016. )


The Journal: - Inside the 'Woodstock for radio' about to take over a small Limerick village




Blog Posts on HearSay

Here is a selection of reflections on the 2017 event (Drop us an email with a link to your blog post.)

Caroline Hennessy (Bibliocook) - http://bibliocook.com/2017/10/hearsay-2017/

Steve Fanagan - http://www.stevefanagan.com/blog/2017/10/6/echo-location-24

Miranda Diboli https://www.mirandadiboll.com/single-post/2017/10/06/HearSay-2017-warning-I-ramble-on-a-bit-in-this


The spirit of HearSay is unwavering as can be seen from this sample of Blogs from previous HearSay Festivals  

La Cosa Preziosa https://lacosapreziosa.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/10-amazing-things-about-hearsay-2014/

Caroline Hennessy http://bibliocook.com/2014/11/telling-stories-at-hearsay-2014/

Gareth Stack - https://garethstack.com/tag/hearsay-festival/

Kathryn O'Sullivan https://viewfromzanymountain.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/home-for-hearsay

Mike Glennon https://www.cmc.ie/news/191214/report-hearsay-international-audio-arts-festival



Social Media

Check out #HearSay17 or @HearSayFestival on Social Media to see the incredible reactions to HearSay17.

For some great reading HERE is a collection of Twitter Feedback from HearSay in 2015.


Creative Outcomes from Previous HearSay Festivals

HearSay is a place for playful experimentation, inspiration, and new collaborations. Whether it is the first meeting of the wonderful teams behind shows like CBC's Love Me, and Serendipity the creation of new work for BBC Radio 4's Shortcuts, or the airing of pieces created for HearSay on podcasts and stations throughout the world.


Here is a sample of some that you mightnt be aware of:


RTE Drama on One and The Truth "The Man in the Barn"

A special Irish based episode of the US Based fiction podcast The Truth was recorded on location in Kilfinane at HearSay15 with Irish Actors Maeve McGrath, Sarah Reynolds, and Joe Mullins along with US Actor Louis Kornfeld and Director Jonathan Mitchell with a cameo by Festival Director Diarmuid McIntyre.

The special episode was commissioned by RTE Radio 1 in association with HearSay was released in May 2016 via The Truth to its hundreds of thousands of listeners and broadcast simultaenously on RTE Radios 'Drama on One'  

Listen here:  http://www.thetruthpodcast.com/story/2016/5/12/the-man-in-the-barn

The Man in the Barn won Silver at the 2017 Sarah Awards for Audio Fiction.


HearSay Piece leads to collaboration and broadcast to Millions in the USA and Australia 

At HearSay14, “The Light” by Danish Producer RikkeHoud was recorded with Pat Herbert of the Hurdy Gurdy Museum. It explores Pats relationship with “The Wireless”, neighbours and the transmission of the 1947 All Ireland from New York. Following its creation at HearSay2014, ABC in Australia commissioned a graphic artist to illustrate “The Light” in a special initiative "Radio with Pictures".

"The Light" premiered in Kilfinane for HearSay15 and broadcast on ABC with screening in across Australia cities including at the Sydney Opera House. At HearSay, the US rights were picked up resulting in a Thanksgiving day broadcast in nearly 350 cities across North America, reaching an audience of more than 2.7 million radio listeners.

Watch "The Light" here  http://radiowithpictures.com.au/the-light/


Compositions Premiered

Three specially written interrelated compositions including dramatic sequences with Limerick based actors by the Resonance Radio Orchestra were premiered at HearSay and broadcast on London's ResonanceFM in 2015. Ed Baxters's composition was subsequently nominated for the prestigous Prix Italia.


Have you a Creative outcome or Collaboration that arose from HearSay?

Drop us an email to let us know about it!

live95fm-Live95FM MariaByrneSession RadioCinema-RadioAtlas truth+logo+7 Fionn-Davenport2



HearSay19 took place from 4th to 7th April 2019. We received a lot of lovely feedback from our guests. Here is just a small selection:


Devika Bilimoria - photos

Devika Bilimoria is an interdisciplinary artist who dissects migrated rituals, dance and gesture to conjure contemporary experiences of hybridity. Take a moment and look at the beautiful photos taken by Devika on HearSay19.



Mike Williams - blog

A beautiful article "Hearsay Festival is the Coachella of creative audio" from Mike Williams. Read these kind words and reflect on some beautiful photos that capture the spirit of HearSay19.



Limerick Leader - an article

An article by one of the biggest Limerick's newspapers.



Podcaster@s - an article

If you speak Spanish, don't miss out on this beautiful article by Martina Castro from Podcaster@s.




A radio pieces that found home on HearSay19



Lucy Dearlove - Table for one

A podcast about the life-changing power of a good meal. Exclusively produced and hosted by Lucy Dearlove for HearSay19.



HearSat Haiku - 575

What you hear is what you see.

575 is produced by Brendan Francis Newnam and the Reverend John DeLore. 575 Volume 1 was produced at the Hearsay Audio Arts Festival in Kilfinane, Ireland, April 4th through April 8th. 2019.

575 is a pop-up podcast featuring audio haiku. Our definition of audio haiku is constantly evolving, but, for now it means a short-form audio piece composed of three “lines” of audio. This is inspired by the three-line form of traditional Haiku. Like its literary counterpart, an audio haiku also aims to capture moments of vivid observation, and to do so by relating only the most essential.



Jeremy Cherfas - Eat This Podcast

Using food to explore all manner of topics, from agriculture to zoology. In Eat This Podcast, Jeremy Cherfas tries to go beyond the obvious to see how the food we eat influences and is influenced by history, archaeology, trade, chemistry, economics, geography, evolution, religion -- you get the picture.

At the beginning of April, during the Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival, a little marquee in the main square of Kilfinane, a small mountain village, saw a steady stream of visitors enter. They would put on a pair of headphones, listen for a few minutes, and come out beaming a big smile. They had just heard one of the stories in a specially curated installation called Table for One.

After listening to one of the stories, Jeremy Cherfas was inspired to reflect on his own thoughts about eating alone, and that prompted him to buttonhole people as they came out of the marquee.

This is the result.



Slavek Kwi - (Re)_Invasive Specials - hear_(saynomore)

Imagine an alien race living in a completely different paradigm, communicating via sounds reminiscent of the human concept of "music" who can "see" the sounds (similar as human concept of synesthesia). One of these aliens is visiting Kilfinane trying to tune in the surrounding environment, looking for a way to co-exist within the unknown habitat. Every sound has the same potential to interact; all sounds are equal participants in an ecological organism. The visiting alien is trying to find his own equal place within, the same as any other sound. The alien suddenly becomes another animal species looking for its niche within an existing environment.

Played and recorded Live As It Is(Was) by Slavek Kwi Saturday 6/4 and Sunday 7/4 mornings in between 10 - 11 AM. (3-string fret-less Ukutar_Trilele with feelers antennas, body rattles and weather flags)



Benoit Bories - Kilfinane Heart Song

Listen to 'A Kilfinane Heartsong', a beautiful sound portrait created by Benoit Bories during the time he spent in Kilfinane before Christmas 2018.

A song made by the daily life sounds of the Kilfinane village, the place where the HearSay Audio festival takes place. A piece written as an ode to the community lifestyle of the unhabitants of the place. You will hear recordings of locals in Kilfinane as well as groups including Ballyhoura CCE Christmas concert, Kilfinane Arts, Crafts and Traditional Skills Group, Kilfinane Community Choir, Scoil Fhionáin children singing at Christmas and the Christmas market at Ballyhoura Apple Farm and more.



Lucia Scazzocchio - Transmitter

Shipwrecks, coastal towns and the sounds of an Irish Village. Listen to works by Samra Mayanja + London Compass Radio + Faidos Sonores from Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival.

Do you find yourself stuck in the same channels? Unable to break out of the echo-chamber of your media consumption and worldview. Transmitter is here to cut through the noise. Lucia Scazzocchio from 'Social Broadcasts' scans the digital soundscape every other month to bring you original sounds, new voices and archive treasures.



Radio Atlas

You can now hear (almost) all of the Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival GanBéarla shortlist on radioatlas.org - work from Wederik De Backer, Joyce de Badts, Sofia Saldanha, Miriam Arndts and Neena Pathak - as well as the winner of the Create Gold and GanBéarla awards Johanna Fricke!



Social Media


Check out #HearSay19 or @HearSayFestival on Social Media to see the incredible reactions to HearSay19.

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