International Audio Arts Festival

29th September - 1st October 2017

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



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“A magical, informative, inspiring experience.” :::  “A brilliant and inspiring festival well worth visiting.” ::: “An extraordinary adventure into sound. The perfect festival.” :;: “Completely magical, slightly mad, unexpected, unconventional, surprising and wonderful.” :::  “A new kind of audio festival that presented fresh ideas in intimate ways, grounded in a rich and welcoming community.” ::: “Woodstock for radio!”

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Our mission is a simple one: "To create a home that celebrates and inspires creative audio all around the world. "


For three days and three nights this autumn that home is Kilfinane, a mountain village in Ireland that for the duration of the HearSay Audio Festival is taken over by the worlds finest audio makers. In 2015 that meant 84 incredible events in every nook and cranny of the village in a joyful gathering of audio adventurers from 25 countries. Come September 29th 2017 the magic begins again!


HearSay hosts international award-winning contributors from all disciplines of creative audio; radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, music, audio fiction. Hearsay fosters collaboration & imagination, compelling insights, creative challenges, unique experiences with no name badges. HearSay means passion and free-flowing inspiration rooted in a real sense of community


If you want to join us, consider volunteering to be a crew member (CLOSED), pitch an idea for an event (CLOSED), or express interest in receiving an invite to attend (closing June 22nd).  Click here for how 

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