International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


Programme Introduction

HearSay2015 will run from the afternoon of Friday 20th November to early evening on Sunday November 22nd 2015. The schedule of events will be

published at the start ofNovember to allow for attendees to plan ahead.


Over 50 Events will take place in 17 venues around the mountain village of Kilfinane. All venues, ranging from living rooms to barber shops, chapels to libraries, are within a couple of minutes walking distance of each other.  




HearSay2015: "Boundaries"


The leaping off point for this year's HearSay is the idea of "Boundaries".


HearSay2015's incredible line up of contributors are taking this idea in many interesting directions - from personal boundaries to political ones, professional or social, from negotiating personal comfort zones and creative constraints to the boundaries of interdisciplinary collaboration. There are the boundaries between visitor and local, between physical place and imagined places to explore. There are boundaries we wish to respect or boundaries we are determined to cross.


We have programme contributions looking at the lines between fact and fiction in radio documentary, a screening that reaches out across sound and picture to reinforce the audio storytelling, performances from different elements, and an installation that undermines the distance we keep between us as human beings.


In the adventurous spirit of HearSay – there are also playful encounters, celebrations of creative audio, in depth looks at the craft of creative audio, and many many opportunities for inspiration and conversation.



Programme Strands Click Here for the "Programme at a Glance"


There are 6 strands to the HearSay2015 programme (click on each strand name to be brought to the events under that strand)




HearSay2015 provides space to Think deeply about sound. Varied in their approaches and subject matter, join a selection of HearSay contributors as they explore intriguing topics of their choice.



If you are looking for rich insights into the creative process of some of the world's finest audio makers, then HearSay2015 is definitely the place for you. The Deepen sessions are all about practicality and craft drawn from the creators of the sounds in the film, comedy, drama, art and features that inspire us.



HearSay is about a village coming together to celebrate creative audio at every turn. During HearSay, explore the village and Encounter #audioeverywhere.



Eavesdrop on live conversations between creators interspersed with compelling audio extracts  as they explore wonderful sounds and their approach to making them.  Participate in interesting conversations brought about in surprising ways.




There are some things that could only happen at HearSay. Sometimes playful, often dramatic, always surprising, it’s the things we Experience that burn in our memories.



The HearSay 2015 Awards and a lot, lot more. From intriguing new ways to engage with audio to being blown away by new audio creations, from unearthing stunning audio from the past to sharing audio from the creators of the future -  the Celebrate thread does what it says on the tin - celebrates wonderful creative audio from around the world.

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The HearSay2015 Programme

Think   Deepen   Encounter   Converse   Experience   Celebrate