International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland




HearSay2019 provides space to Think deeply about sound. Varied in their approaches and subject matter, join a selection of HearSay contributors as they explore intriguing topics of their choice.

An intimate and powerful auditory experience specifically designed for HearSay by two of the most interesting people working in audio today. Compassionate and challenging, this piece is engaged with by one person at a time.


By appointment only (issued prior to the festival). Come to the HearSay Welcome Point at the time of your appointment for direction.



Date & Time : Secret Time

Venue: Secret Location

Kaitlin Prest (Canada) 

Audio Artist, Host and creative director of "The Heart"  (Radiotopia).Prix Italia, Overall Winner HearSay Audio Prize 2014

Sharon Mashihi (USA)

Screenwriter and editorial advisor on Radiotopia's "The Heart"

Between You

and the

Bathroom Mirror

In Darkness, (De)light


A weaving of story, theatre, willful narrators and inspiring surprises.


Give yourself over to sumptuous sounds and distilled reflection in a live performance that combines audio with adventure.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Old Church

Diarmuid McIntyre (IRE)

& Friends

PPI, New York Festival,

and AIBs Gold Winners, Prix Europa Nominees

Ballyhoura CCÉ (IRE)

Since their founding in 204, CCE Ballyhoura has driven a renewal of traditional music & dance in the Kilfinane area with over 150 actiive musicians

A Session is a group of traditional musicians/singers playing together.  


Explore the six pubs and drop in on one or catch all the scehduled sessions of rich local music.


Take a breather, grab a coffee or grab a pint & setttle in.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



bathroom mirrir

The HearSay

Session Trail

session ericnuzum2

Rachel Humphreys (UK) 

A freelance producer, currently working on The Guardian's Today in Focus podcast.

There is one common trait among all successful audio creators: empathy. Makers can be empathetic towards themselves (and their own vision), empathetic towards their subject, or they can be empathetic towards their audience. Empathy can also be a dangerous thing.


Montage audio features are often credited with giving listeners direct access to an interviewee’s most intimate thoughts while also allowing interviewees the time and space to tell their story in their own words. But are the questions we cut out our ‘ghosts’? Haunting the authenticity of the feature and instilling fear in us as producers that anyone else may hear how our own biases created the final result. Andrea plays clips from the depths of her own hard drive to open up a discussion on how we shape stories told in  montages.

Sound of My Secrets - The producer of “Losing Yourself” and “Crying Dry Tears” explores why personal stories can be so compelling in audio, and what you risk by sharing them.



Sound of My Secrets

From workshops, to master-classes, to giving and receiving "notes" with collaborators, much of the artistic process teaches us how to make clean, generic works. How can we make art without all of the edges sanded off? When is following the rules effective? How do we know which rules to break?


We can find the answers by breaking open genre, medium, and form, and taking a hard look at what we're trying to achieve.


(45 Minutes)


Dylan Gauche (Canada) Winner of the 2017 HearSay Audio Prize Rising Award in 2017. Writer, performer, and audio artist.


New Voices Alum and independent producer Ariana Martinez, Martina Castro, Anthony Martinez,  Kavita Pillay and Kyle Norris.

Why Experiment?



What Lies Beneath...the Audio Montage

The Unintended Consequences of Empathy

Robin Parmar (Ireland)

The artist who explores the poetics of place through sound installations, musical compositions, experimental video.

We live in The Anthropocene, an epoch marked by human influence on species decline and climate change. As a field recordist, I wonder how historical approaches to nature have been complicit with these changes.


This talk will present a sound recording no-one was meant to hear, the first bird to hit the Top Ten, and other curiosities. By listening to the past, can we change our future?

It feels like we're living in a golden age of audio. Never before have there been so many storytelling styles, subjects and genres of programmes: linear radio, interactive narratives, podcasts of every conceivable flavour...and everything in between. Yet it feels sometimes like the audio community is more boxed-up than ever.

"American" vs "European" narrative style... "dusty old dinosaurs" of linear radio vs the sexy new world of the podcast...light-footed solo freelances vs hoary monolithic institutions vs glossy podcast networks.

Steven Rajam (UK)

A documentary maker, the Creative Director of Overcoat Media based in Cardiff. Winner Prix Italia, Grand Prix Marulic & The EBU Ake Blomstrom Award

Be More Magpie!

Living the Anthropocene: Rethinking Sound and Nature


With nearly 200 alumni spanning the past decade, AIR’s New Voices Scholarship has brought bold, fresh talent to public media and audio storytelling. AIR will gather a selected group of New Voices alumni spanning the generations of the scholarship for a conversation about how they've leveraged their skillsets to work toward a sustainable career in storytelling.The group of alumni will discuss: How do you navigate the changing industry while focusing on the power of underrepresented narratives? What have you adjusted about your creative practice to protect your own mental wellbeing? AIR will host a mingle directly afterward, bringing producers together to mingle, forge new collaborations, or catch up with existing connections.

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Andrea Rangecroft is a freelance audio producer currently working on BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts for Falling Tree Productions. “True Story" Award Winner HearSay Audio Prize 2017.


A Roundtable on Leveraging Your Power

About a month ago Benjamen caught a jingle from a Canadian commercial radio station. It went something like this: Audio content that can't stop being radio, or maybe it was can't help being radio. This triggered something that has been gnawing at him for a while about podcasting, radio and formats and freedom.


Benjamen Walker (USA) 

An independent radio producer and host of the podcast Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, a founding member of the Radiotopia network.

When Everything Is Possible...

“Jan is in Orpington. Jan, what would you like to say?”


Every day in Britain, hundreds of people pick up the phone and call a radio station. Their voices fill the air waves for millions of listeners, but is there an art to broadcasting this humble format? Former talk radio producer and radio phone-in fan Rachel Humphreys shares stories and explores the history of the call-in.


Memory, personal story and truth

Why do we tell our stories, and can we tell them truthfully? What do we gain and what do we lose in the telling of our tales, and what is a truth once it's told anyway?




The Art of the Radio Phone-In

Sophie Townsend (Australia)

A senior producer at Radio National in Australia. Winner of the 2015 Gold Create Prize.

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Co-founder, Magnificent Noise, ex-VP of programming at NPR

Darkness Delight andrea rangecroft

In Praise of Hanging Out


Part sermon, part confessional, part love letter... with tape. Radio Diaries producer Joe Richman investigates how we convey feeling in sound. Those moments when voice, scene, plot, and luck converge to create stories we feel in our bodies.


Joe Richman (USA)

The founder and executive producer of Radio Diaries, a Peabody Award-winning public radio series and podcast.

Benjamin Walker1 Rachel Humphreys1 JoeRichmanPhoto1 Sophie Townsend

Ibby Caputo (USA)

An award-winning journalist, essayist, audio producer and editor

dylan gauche1 Steven Rajam 11 (1)

Peregrine Andrews (UK)

Sound designer, mixer and radio producer.  


The Secret Sound of Sport

Drawing from his popular podcast episode, Peregrine will deconstruct the surprisingly complex soundtrack of live TV sports coverage, comparing it to the techniques used in films and video games. He'll show we sometimes have to "cheat" to tell the truth.



Ibby Headshot1

Jason Phipps (UK) 

The BBC’s Commissioning Editor for Podcasts. He was previously Head of Audio at the Guardian and has worked in podcast production and commissioning for over a decade.

Join the BBC’s Commissioning Editor for Podcasts Jason Phipps as he bares his soul to talk podcast pitches, public service and how the BBC is changing to meet the needs of younger audiences in the UK and globally.


He’ll bust some myths about the BBC and reveal the opportunities for audio-makers, from established indies to talented newcomers. Plus he’ll open the floor for your questions and give instant feedback on your ideas.  



The Secret Fears of the Commissioning Editor



After a story about a lost cat, this talk explores the existential crises facing audio documentary makers. What is it that I'm doing here? Who am I in the story? Why is it so hard to ‘be myself’ on mic?  Using examples from radio and other mediums, Mike makes a case for gonzo; a genre known for its subjectivity. Find out why it suits audio’s inherent authenticity, what it means to be ‘realer than real’, how to put it all on the line and who to blame when it all goes wrong.

Gonzo storytelling


Peregine Andrews1 Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 12.06.24 AM

Mike Williamns (Australia)

Documentary and podcast producer at ABC Radio National.

Mike Williams square (1) (1)



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Both "Give what you can afford" and "Fixed charge" passes were sold out three months before the festival this year. A "Discover" Pass was available to local people within 10 kilometres of Kilfinane (without charge) from the Welcome desk at the Ballyhoura Apple Farm.



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