International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


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Laurent Baraton (France)

Sound engineer and teacher of sound for film and documentary makers

The Space Between is a performance/installation using image, sound and text that examines the empty space between people who otherwise are very close: family, neighbours, friends.


Uncomfortable stories that keep haunting us and keep evolving in our memory. Sometimes, this feeling of discomfort and distance can be settled for a short time by machines built to contain memories: in audio, images and music.










When: Friday  29th Sept 5pm

Venue: The Dream Space


When:  Friday  29th Sept 6pm

Venue: The Dream Space


Katharina Smets (Belgium)

audio producer

Inne Esyermans (Belgium)


Ingrid Leonard (Belgium)

photographer and video artist 

Wander the streets of Kilfinane with your headphones on, as the voices, stories and sounds of local people, HearSay visitors, and special places are triggered off simply by your location and movement.  


For local and vistor alike.  engage for as long as you wish. Come to the Welcome Point to get yourself set up.














When:: Available 24 hours from Friday 29th September 10am

Venue: Streets of Kilfinane



Chris Brookes (Canada)  

Prix Italia & Peabody Winner

Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)    Prix Marulic and  UK Radio Academy Producer of the Year,

Annie McEwen (Canada)  

Third Coast Best Newcomer & Producer with Radiolab

Empathy Museum (UK) Launched in 2015, the Empathy Museum is dedicated to promoting empathy through a series of participatory arts projects with a focus on storytelling and dialogue.

A Mile in My Shoes is a shoe shop where visitors are invited to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes - literally.


Housed for HearSay17 in Hayes Interiors. This working shop's shelves and counters holds a diverse collection of 150 pairs of shoes and audio stories that explore our shared humanity.


From a Syrian refugee to a sex worker, a war veteran to a neuro surgeon, and new stories from Kilfinane, visitors are invited to walk a mile in the shoes of a stranger whilst listening to their story and go on empathetic as well as a physical journey.





Friday 29th Sept 11am-8pm

Saturday 30th Sept 11am-8pm

Sunday 1st Oct 10am-1pm

Venue: DJ Hayes Interiors



inne-eysermans-katharina-smets-c-olmo-peeters2 ret_06 - RS

Zoë Comyns (IRE) 

PPI award winning independent radio producer.

A audio fiction meets live composition - When a woman comes across a set of books, she quickly becomes obsessed with them and the lists within.


This piece uses fragmented audio vignettes that chart a relationship from its origins, via a history of sound, telegraphy and communication and a flight into madness.


This is a work in progress/experimental reading and sound composition written and produced by Zoe Comyns with sound design by Brendan Rehill.














When : Friday 29th Sept 7pm

Venue: Apple Farm Space

Not everyone at HearSay17 has a deep knowledge of sound and audio production.


If you're from Kilinane and are curious to know how the audio piece you're hearing everywhere get made, or if you are just begining to shift from listenng to making, this session is perfect for you


Suitable for people complete unfamiliar with audio production.


(105 Minutes)








When: Saturday 30th Sept 11am

Venue: The Apple Farm Space



Even wondered why audio like "Criminal" SOUNDS as good as it does?  It's much more than just the tape and the story telling. There is a layer of audio magic being applied to make it balanced, punchy rich, and consistent.


In this very practical two-hander Rob Byers & Michael Raphael draw out how to make the final mix sing in your ears.


(75 Minutes)



When: Sat 30th Sept 11am

Venue:  Convent Chapel


When: Sat  30th Sept 12.35pm

Venue:  Convent Chapel

Creative sound design enables colloborations with the film's director to create a sound experience that is emotional, subjective and rich in story that allows the viewer get lost in the moment with a film.



Taking examples from their own work in Film sound post production, as well as some key examples from film's rich sound history, Douglas and Steve explore the power of subjective sound use in cinema.


(75 Minutes)



When: Saturday 30th Sept 5pm

Venue: Convent Chapel


When: Saturday 30th Sept 5pm

Venue: Convent Chapel

In The Moment: Subjective Sound    in Cinema

Effects & Mastering - An Engineer's Perspective

Douglas Murray (USA)

Supervising sound editor, sound designer and sound mixer on films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Twin Peaks.  Steve Fanagan (IRE) Emmy nominated Sound designer, editor and re-recording mixer. Multiple IFTA Winner and MPSE Golden Reel for "Game of Thrones

A practical workshop that will demonstrate and teach skills to help you to find the full potential of your voice and make your script sparkle.


From the building blocks of breath, posture, vocal and facial exercises to the subtleties of visualisation and the emotional voice, Emer will work with participants to show how various coaching and performance techniques can dramatically enhance the confidence, clarity and credibility of your voice and your script.


(45 Minutes)





When: Saturday 30th Sept 11am

Venue: Old Church


When: Saturday 30th Sept 12am

Venue: Old Church

Many audio makers focus on cutting and layering their sessions - there's a story to tell and we get the job done. But there is two tools avalable in every producers editing software that we can be needlessy afraid of: EQ and compressors.


Bringing to bear his work on films and music as well as documentaries, Laurent wants to make sure we understand what these tools are, when to use them and when not to use them. Understanding the principles involved and how to deploy them effectively can make a big difference to our end result.


(105 Minutes)







When: Sunday 1st Oct 11am

Venue: Convent Chapel


Julia Barton (USA)

Editor Malcom Gladwells' Revisionist History, Slate's "Placemakers" and PRI's "The World"  Reporter "99% Invisible", & "Radiolab" Winner 2014 HearSay Prize Across the Waves Award

Get Your Ears Back

To build audio stories, we use visual aids: paper scripts, screen software. But that comes with a cost. We lose a vital perspective.


Longtime story editor Julia Barton talks about the steps we then need to 'hear' our work like a listener will.


(45 Minutes)













When: Saturday 30th Sept 4pm

Venue: Teach Na Cille


When: Saturday 30th Sept 6pm

Venue: Teach Na Cille

Rob Byers (USA)

NPR's Production Specialist, Mixer of Radiotopia's "Criminal" Podcast whose work has contributed to the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Music and a Peabody.

Michael Raphael (USA)

Technical Director for The New Yorker Radio Hour, owner of Rabbit Ears audio

Radiolab is a show about curiosity, where science meets culture and information sounds like music. Its mind-story telling and stunning sound design has inspired and reshaped our creative audio possibilities.


In the spirit of Radiolab, Producer Matt and Sound Designer Annie go deep, really deep into the building of a scene. Opening up a show session, they examine the really small things that make a difference, the choices made, why they were made and and touch on the often missed 'when'.


(90 Minutes)


When: Saturday 30th Sept 3pm

Venue: Convent Chapel


You MUST have a festival pass to attend most events in the Think, Deepen, Converse and Celebrate Strands & many events in the Encounter & Experience Strands. Collect your pass at the Welcome Desk from September 28th.


To be eligible for a festival pass, you must either

     have received and RSVPed to a festival invitation  


     be a resident (with 5 miles) of the village of Kilfinane 


Expressions of Interest in receiving an Invitation closed June 22nd 2017. Invitations were issued to people from 30 countries. Festival Passes for those coming from outside Kilfinane are now COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT.

If you are lucky enough to get to come to #HearSay17 - GIVE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD FOR YOUR FESTIVAL PASS




If you've just heard abouth HearSay17, don't despair! Many Events in the Encounter & Experience Strands are marked OPEN TO ALL. For these NO PASS IS NEEDED. More events will be marked "OPEN TO ALL" (including from other strands) in the week of #HearSay17. See you in Kilfinane!

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Leila Day (USA) Mike Williams (Australia) Benjamen Walker (USA) Adriana Disman (Canada) Jason Phipps (UK) Kara Oehler (USA) Benoit Bories (France) Scott Carrier (USA) Helen Zaltzman (UK) Jonathan Zenti (Italy) Jeanti St Clair (Australia) Ariana Martinez (USA) Chris Brookes (Canada) Lu Olkowski (USA) Sophie Townsend (Australia) Danny McCarthy (Ireland) Martina Castro (USA) Kaitlin Prest (Canada) John De Lore (USA) Maria Dønvang (Denmark) Amy Hanley (Australia)  Slavek Kwi (Czech Republic) Cathy FitzGerald (UK) Kyle Norris (USA) Eoin O'Kelly (Ireland) Kavita Pillay (USA) Cristal Duhaime (Canada) Eugene Boyle (Ireland) Mira Burt-Wintonick (Canada) Nina Garthwaite (UK) Daragh Dukes (Ireland) Anthony Martinez (USA) Johanna Fricke (Germany) Mary McDonnell (Ireland) Hannah Dean (UK) Joyce de Badts (Belgium) Wederik De Backer (Belgium) Helene Thomas (Australia)  Neena Pathak (USA) Ultan O'Brien (Ireland) Jazmin Chiodi (Argentina) Phil Smith (UK) This Wachter (Switzerland) Torben Brandt (Denmark) Kelley Libby (USA) Fatos Vladi (Albania/Netherlands) Daniel Lewis (Denmark/US) Peregrine Andrews (UK) Grace Digney (Ireland) Monika Maria Kalcsics (Austria) Steven Rajam (UK) Brendan Francis Newman (USA) Michelle Fingleton (Ireland) Johannes Dalsgaard (Denmark) Lucy Dearlove (UK) Damien Fitzpatrick (USA) Diarmuid McIntyre (Ireland) Carina Pesch (Germany) Brendan Francis Newman (USA) Ping Zhao (China) Don Duncan (Ireland) Eleanor McDowall (UK) Wes Swing (USA) Empathy Museum (UK) Pat Mulcahy (Ireland) In the Dark Bristol (UK) Martin Austwick (UK) Jessica Bineth (Australia) Ibby Caputo (USA) Stepháne Marin (France) Dylan Gauche (Canada) Eric Nuzum (USA) Jessie Lawson (UK) Robin Parmar (Canada) Isabel Tennant (UK) Kevin Brew (Ireland) Joe Richman (USA) Lucia Scazzocchio (UK) Martina Weber (Germany) Marc McMenamin (Ireland) Geoff Marsh (UK) Geraldine O'Sullivan (Ireland) Mae-Li Evans (UK) Alexandre Iseli (Switzerland) Calum Perrin (UK) Mary-Elaine Tynan (Ireland) Rachel Humphreys (UK) Neil Sandell (Canada/France) Andrea Rangecroft (UK) Rachel Ni Chuinn (Ireland) Jesse Baker (USA) Tereza Reková (Czech Republic) Conor O'Toole (Ireland) Henrique Hinnerfeldt (Denmark) Salon Du Chat (Ireland) Lena Löhr  (Germany) 





HearSay "Immerse passes" give all access to all events on all days.

Both "Give what you can afford" and "Fixed charge" passes were sold out three months before the festival this year.

A "Discover" Pass was available to local people within 10 kilometres of Kilfinane (without charge) from the Welcome desk at the Ballyhoura Apple Farm.



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