International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland




Join audio artists from around the world as they adventurously engage with sound in live settings.



Musician Daragh Dukes and Radio Producers Kevin Brew and Eoin O’Kelly create a live soundtrack of music and stories exploring the creative instincts we had as younger people.  Daragh and Kevin (formerly of the Limerick band They Do It With Mirrors) remember the tragicomedy of their London band years, while their friend Eoin O’Kelly (formerly lead singer of Limerick band The Hitchers) shares in trying to understand the obsessive quest of youthful creativity. With audio snippets from the time and a friendly soundtrack, ‘Digging for Fire’, celebrates creative potential, especially that fiery, untutored, childlike creativity we need to protect as screens scream and deadlines clang.


Totality explores the inexplicable experience of watching a total solar eclipse, through spoken text and live sound processing, drawing inspiration from home videos, personal testimonies and that jaffa cake advert.


A woman perches on a desk in a classroom.    A row of children sit cross-legged in front of her.    The wall clock reads twelve past ten. Full moon. Half moon. Total eclipse.


Totality is a live performance that explores the inexplicable experience of watching a total solar eclipse.

An audio-visual collaborative performance that weaves together fragments of interviews with Kilfinane locals into a painted sonic tapestry. A world stitched together with the goal of grasping a shared identity.

Thinking of a Place

A live sonic interaction with the natural world surrounding the performance space

ret_06 - RS

In December 2018, Benoit Bories immersed himself in Kilfinane life  listening intently and recording widely. This will be a unique premiere of a compelling new work layering interviews, field recordings and music.

What’s it like to collectively create original musical scores to stories told live by people in the audience? In this piece, we listen to a story unfolding over time and respond with our voices, giving musical support and interpretation to the emotional tenor of what we are hearing. T(Our) Stories Scored is an opportunity to not just passively listen to stories, but to actively engage in them through art making.


You MUST have a festival pass to attend most events in the Think, Deepen, Converse and Celebrate Strands & many events in the Encounter & Experience Strands. Collect your pass at the Welcome Desk from September 28th.


To be eligible for a festival pass, you must either

     have received and RSVPed to a festival invitation  


     be a resident (with 5 miles) of the village of Kilfinane 


Expressions of Interest in receiving an Invitation closed June 22nd 2017. Invitations were issued to people from 30 countries. Festival Passes for those coming from outside Kilfinane are now COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT.

If you are lucky enough to get to come to #HearSay17 - GIVE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD FOR YOUR FESTIVAL PASS




If you've just heard abouth HearSay17, don't despair! Many Events in the Encounter & Experience Strands are marked OPEN TO ALL. For these NO PASS IS NEEDED. More events will be marked "OPEN TO ALL" (including from other strands) in the week of #HearSay17. See you in Kilfinane!


Alex Lewis (USA)

An independent radio producer and musician based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Steve Teare (USA)

An illustrator and cartoonist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Slavek Kwi (Czech Republic)

A sound-artist, composer and researcher interested in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality.

fingerattles 2

Sound Perceptions

All That is Solid Melts into Air: Gays, Unionists and the Irish language

Don Duncan1

Don Duncan (Ireland)

An Irish writer, audio producer and journalist currently based in Belfast.

Join Don on his journey from alienated beginnings as a gay kid in small town Ireland in the 80s to the grown-up man he now is... through sound and memory, he seeks to understand the sources of childhood unease and shame that still pull at him today and he discoverers an unexpected kinship with unionist gaeilgeoirí (Irish speakers) in East Belfast. This narrative performance – in spoken word and recorded sound - tells of how the rigid constructs and mindsets of yesterday are melting and giving way to new, exciting possibilities...


One by One till Many are Heard

Wes Swing (USA)

cellist, singer, and composer who makes collaborative compositions with communities

Kelley Libby (USA)

an audio documentary maker who works with communities to tell stories.

What happens when you take radio storytelling into a live setting where the audience creates the musical score? Using looping technology and recorded words from the Kilfinane area, Kelley Libby and Wes Swing present an interactive experiment in sound, storytelling, and collective interpretation.

Kelley and Wes

Phil Smith (UK)

Musician and radio producer, Winner of The HearSay Prize Overall "Create" Award 2017

The Heart's Chorus

Phil Smith12

Private lamentations and public chants of hope; inner monologues and the ensembles of voices; competing shouts and unison... We wish to live and love in a time of collapse and chaos. A piece bringing together poetry, pre-recorded speech, and live music.

A Wrench In The Works

Joe Richman (USA)

The founder and executive producer of Radio Diaries, a Peabody Award-winning public radio series and podcast.

The linguistics-based edutainment of the Allusionist podcast exits your earbuds and leaps onto the stage.

A live radio story with animation and live scoring.... A Wrench In the Works is about how the smallest things can sometimes have the biggest consequences.

Helen Zaltzman (UK)

he host and producer of the Allusionist and Answer Me This podcasts

Martin Austwick (UK)

the co-host of Song By Song podcast, 'Martin the Sound Man' on Answer Me This, and the composer of music for many podcasts.

Allusionist Live

download Adriana Disman1

Adriana Disman (Canada)

A performance art maker, thinker and organizer.

Questions without answers must be asked very slowly.

Adriana sings about and deals with questions of the live performance context, agency of the performer and the audience, asking what is real and what is not real, and mobilize actual events of the festival as part of the stories.

As Adriana says: ''Don't be scared of the blood or the nudity!''

This performance explores adults topics. Suitable only for adults 18+.

Whose Body is this?

Mae-Li Evans (UK)

A theatremaker and audio producer from London, making The Treasury for Transmission Roundhouse.  

Calum Perrin (UK)

A sound designer and writer from North East England whose work has been shown at The Yard, Almeida Theatre, and Theatre 503.

Digging for Fire

Benoit Bories (France)

Composer and documentary maker working with music, research and creative uses of sound.

Kevin Brew (Ireland)

A radio producer working across drama, documentary and arts programmes for RTÉ Radio 1.

Daragh Dukes (Ireland)

A composer, producer and songwriter working mainly in TV and film.

Eoin O'Kelly (Ireland)

A producer with RTÉ lyric fm

(Our) Stories Scored

"Come Knocking a' the door" - A Kilfinane HeartSong


Wes Swing (USA)

Cellist, singer, and composer who makes collaborative compositions with communities

Kelley Libby (USA)

An audio documentary maker who works with communities to tell stories.

benoit_bories11 totality WEmeQSvH_400x400 digging pic



HearSay "Immerse passes" give all access to all events on all days.

Both "Give what you can afford" and "Fixed charge" passes were sold out three months before the festival this year. A "Discover" Pass was available to local people within 10 kilometres of Kilfinane (without charge) from the Welcome desk at the Ballyhoura Apple Farm.



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