International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



West Cork (USA)

Jesse Baker, Jennifer Forde, Sam Bungey


If you are looking for rich insights into the creative process of some of the world's finest audio makers, then HearSay19 is definitely the place for you. The Deepen sessions are all about practicality and craft drawn from the creators of the sounds in the film, comedy, drama, art and features that inspire us.

Torben Brandt (Denmark)

Senior documentary and drama radio maker, media advisor, presently the editor in-chief on the bi-weekly “Radio Tales” (Radiofortællinger) on Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s P1-talk channel.

The Moment Interview - the DNA of Radio Tales

Most radio-story-telling includes a lot of memories and flash-backs. Not seldomly the entire story is built on memories. The ‘Moment Interview’ technique brings you and the story-teller back to the drama scene, the then ‘now’. In collaboration, you and the interviewee brings a story back to life. Together you reconstruct the drama, the movements, the scenography, the smell, the words and the thoughts – all practiced during my session.

Jessie Lawson (UK)

Creates platforms for people to tell their own stories, rather than be spoken for.

Isabel Tennant (UK)

Has exhibited and performed widely in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Poland etc.

Inside the mind of a child is a story just bursting to get out

An immersive, audio-visual experience that brings you into our new way of life.


Space Kids CIC is an art, radio and science fiction adventure for children and young people run by Jess Lawson (radio producer) and Izzy Tennant (artist). This HearSay, we are running a workshop around how to make radio with young people, for you adults. It will give food for thought and practical skills, and be very participatory, so if you find yourself taking the festival too seriously, come and join us to put yourself in the mind of a child for an hour.


Neil Sandell (Canada & France)

A Canadian independent producer, a winner of Third Coast and Prix Marulic.

The Full Irish or Pringles? Getting your radio story started.

Traditionally audio is a passive medium, but increasingly we now do our listening on devices with computational functionality. The listener now has a voice. Nicky Birch has been making experimental audio for smart speakers for the past two years and will be sharing examples of her work and hosting a discussion on the value and future possibilities these devices offer audio makers.


Should the listener have a voice?

The Art of Foley


As an audiophile, Kaitlin Prest made a vow never to love film more than audio. She vowed even never to have dalliances with the world's more favourite medium. This year, she is considering breaking that vow. In fact, she has already broken it.

After negotiating option agreements to adapt The Heart, No, and The Shadows with different production companies, Kaitlin offers what she has learned, looks at different case studies of what has worked and why, and shares with us her first experiment with video.


An Affair: Film/TV Adaptations of Radio and Podcast

Caoimhe Doyle (Ireland)

A Foley artist based in Wicklow, Ireland with 20 years experience creating original sound effects and footsteps for film, television and video games.

Jean McGrath (Ireland)

An award winning Foley and ADR mixer

They say a hearty breakfast -- like the fabled Full Irish -- is the best way to start the day. But is it the best way to start a radio story? Not so much.


A good beginning leaves the listener hungry for more, like that bag of crisps you can't put down. Join Neil Sandell for a crunchy investigation of great audio openings.  


What's the best way to start an audio story? Like a bag of crisps, a good beginning should leave the listener wanting more.

Foley is one of the most subtle yet persuasive special effects used in film. It is an art of illusion and creativity - Jean McGrath and Caoimhe Doyle will be revealing the tricks of their trade and talking us through the often surprising ways sound is produced for film and television. During this special 2.5 hour Foley workshop you will learn how to create and record realistic sound effects.

Martin Zaltz Austwick (UK) 

Podcast host, producer, musician and performer, probably best known for Answer Me This! and Song by Song, and his music in The Allusionist, Zig Zag, and Radiotopia Live.

Down With Marimba - making music do the heavy lifting

A show's listeners are a fantastic resource for knowledge, experience, stories that are heartbreaking and heartwarming - so why don't we hear from them more often?

Get your listeners to do your work for you

The gentle art of talking to strangers

Helen Zaltzman (UK)

The host and producer of The Allusionist and Answer Me This podcasts.

Music is intrinsic to audio, but so frequently seems added as an afterthought to make a piece feel “produced”. What can music do when it’s a more intrinsic, or, dare we say it, fun part of the process? We will hear pieces that set the tone of a show, echo a story arc, convey boring information entertainingly, or do other heavy lifting - so you don’t have to.

Even as seasoned journalists and radio makers the idea of striking up a conversation with a total stranger with no idea where this encounter will take you, can be absolutely terrifying. Social Broadcaster Lucia Scazzocchio explores how she uses participatory art installations, mobile radio, props and performance to overcome the fear of the unknown and uncover remarkable stories.

Monika Maria Kalcsics (Austria)

A public radio producer and a digital audio aficionada, based in Vienna.

A bigger brain. Inside the writers' room for podcast series

Is the writers' room smarter than the individual author?

Can it be that a group is ultimately more courageous in breaking ground?

Through an example, the session tries to find an answer to this ongoing audio adventure.

Nicky Birch (UK)

Nicky has spent the last three years designing voice activated experiences for smart speakers for BBC R&D and via her company Rosina Sound

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

Creator of The Shadows CBC and The Heart Radiotopia. Audio artist exploring power and love.

Benoit Bories (France)

A radio documentary maker and a sound composer (France Culture, Arte radio and RTBF) has won several international awards and nominations for his sound work.

Suggesting through Sound

Acousmatic composition at the service of narration and story telling of your sound piece. How to think and build a landscape and acousmatic sound composition in order to complete a narrative voice.


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If you've just heard abouth HearSay17, don't despair! Many Events in the Encounter & Experience Strands are marked OPEN TO ALL. For these NO PASS IS NEEDED. More events will be marked "OPEN TO ALL" (including from other strands) in the week of #HearSay17. See you in Kilfinane!

Kaitlin Prest Torben Brandt Neil Sandell1 benoit_bories11 Nicky Birch Martin Austwick1 Wes Swing - photo by Kristen Finn1 Helen Zaltzman1 Lucia Scazzocchio

Lucia Scazzocchio (UK)

Social Broadcaster Lucia Scazzocchio is a sound artist, radio producer, community facilitator and educator.

By the end of reporting, the makers of the West Cork Podcasts had over 150 interviews, many theories on “who dun it.”, hundreds of story tangents and rabbit holes and dozens of hours of tape. How do you possibly make sense of it all and create a series of that scale. Also, to help make the session as relevant as possible, the creators will explore how to approach these same creative problems with more modest budgets and staff sizes. (one of two "West [email protected]" sessions that can also be attend on a standalone basis)  

West Cork: Post-Production - Shaping Chaos

Students of Scoil Pol join musician Wes and Audio Feature maker Kelley for a 2 hour workshop on electronic looping and the essentials of storytelling (part of HearSay Engage).



Looping Stories (Workshop for secondary school students)

Wes Swing (USA)

A cellist, singer, and composer

Kelley Libby (USA)

An audio documentary maker who works with communities to tell stories.

Jeanti St Clair

Like a podcast on legs? Designing audio walks

Jeanti St Clair (Australia)

Award-winning journalism lecturer, documentary-maker and PhD researcher exploring immersive sound design for locative audio walks.

But is it? Place-based audio comes with its own set of design concerns. This workshop outlines how to design an immersive and engaging app-based audio walk. Narrative, instruction, sound design, route, selecting a locative platform are among the topics discussed in this two-hour ‘walkshop’.

Iseli-Chioli Dance Company (Argentina/



Dance, Movement and Sound

A unique workshop for HearSay in collaboration with Tipperary Dance Platform that will explore the focus on the breath as a source of movement and sound.


A class that invites participants to move connected with their breath and its natural movement. The participants will follow a set of exercises that will help them to feel and understand the natural movement of our breath and invite them how to expand this natural movement to the rest of the body. The class aims for the participant to explore and expand their range movement thought breath.

Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli(1)1

How do two British journalists (and their American producers) tell an authentic and respectful story that is deeply rooted in the culture and character of a rural Irish place? Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde of the acclaimed "West Cork" podcast share their experience embedding into the community, build trust, gaining access to difficult subjects, and finding a way to tell this story in an authentic (and accurate way) that honors both the victim, the local residents, and the place they call home. (one of two "West [email protected]" sessions that can also be attend on a standalone basis).

West Cork (UK)

Jesse Baker, Jennifer Forde, Sam Bungey

West Cork: Production/

Reporting - Access and Honour

Sound is essential in creating the rich and layered sensory world of a film. Immerse yourself in the world of dialogue editing, Foley, music, and sound design with examples from films such as The Favourite, Sing Street and Dirty God. This talk aims to show the audience a little about what is involved, both practically and creatively, in making these layers so that the emotional and subjective elements of sound are heightened.

Moved by Sound: how sound can enhance the emotion of a film's narrative

Michelle Fingleton (Ireland)

MPSE Golden Reel and IFTA-nominated sound designer, editor and supervisor on films such as Oscar-nominated The Favourite and Sing Street.


Mary-Elaine Tynan (Ireland)

A freelance journalist and writer in Ireland, writing books and making TV and radio documentaries.

Marc McMenamin (Ireland)

A journalist and documentary maker.

From Tape to Page

An interactive session with Marc Mc Menamin author of Codebreaker and Mary Elaine Tynan author of Life after Life. Both of these books started out as Radio documentaries. The session will deal with the process and challenges of turning your radio doc in a best selling book.

Michelle Fingleton Photo EDITING WEST CORK REPORTING WEST CORK Marc McMenamin and Mary Elaine Tynan Monika Kalcsics1

Leila Day (USA)

A producer and co-host of

The Stoop Podcast, stories from across the black diaspora.

Break it down, and rebuild

How do you create something that's listenable and consistent when you want to do it all? From non-narrated, to reported pieces, to straight conversation, there are ways that you can be eclectic but direct with your message. Stoop it out with Leila about unlearning formats and rebuilding a story to incorporate journalism and narrative storytelling that ensure your unique imprint.

Lu Olkowski (USA)

An independent producer from New York--and host of CBC’s Love Me.


Chasing Dogs (and Humans)



Join Lu, fresh from the Alaskan wilderness where she spent three weeks recording a rookie musher on her first attempt at the Iditarod, a one thousand mile sled dog race over frozen rivers, mountain ranges and sea ice. You’ll hear about: ambitious snow machine journeys, audio diaries, cold weather recording and dogs. #TinPuppy.

Scott Carrier (USA)

The producer and host of the critically acclaimed American podcast Home of the Brave.

How To Get Lucky

A lot of what I do depends on luck. I try to prepare for a story by thinking about who I should talk to and what I want to know, but often when a story works well it’s because of something that fell out of the blue or happened unexpectedly. So, is there a way to be more lucky? Probably not, but I will offer up what I’ve learned in this regard.

Chris Brookes (USA)

Prix Italia & Peabody Winner

Landscape journalism - putting your foot in the news

News journalism. Some of us write for it, or work in radio newsrooms. Our readers and listeners learn about breaking stories on the newscast or the news website - or even read a newspaper - at a remove from the place and the reality where it happened. Can we get listeners to "enter" a news story in an immersive way, that brings them closer to the event and helps them understand?

Kara Oehler (USA)

A media artist based in Toronto

Recording rats, deserts and reefs

Last fall, The NYT Magazine devoted an issue to 11 sonic destinations around the world. Kara Oehler was the audio producer and during this session, she'll dig into how they captured the sound of rats laughing in NYC,  ants crawling on cables in Northern Italy and the desert cracking in one of the quietest places on earth.

IMG_1473 Toddler - Yapsody (1) kara-oehler11 scott carrier chris brookes11 JeanCaoimhe



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