International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland




The HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Awards Ceremony and a lot, lot more. From intriguing new ways to engage with audio to being blown away by new audio creations, from unearthing stunning audio from the past to sharing audio from the creators of the future -  the Celebrate thread does what it says on the tin - celebrates wonderful creative audio from around the world.

The microphones are wamed up.


The Jury is in.


The Prize winners are known.


The evening will be special.


Hear the winning pieces and celebrate with our nine award winners of the 2019 HearSay Audio Prize in a very special ceremony.


Boogie Down to Topical Sounds! Intrepid DJs, Sound Voyagers and Empathetic Earthlings Present an Evening of Lounge and Boogie Integrating Field Recordings and Conversations Recorded in greater Kilfinane.


Daniel Lewis is an American DJ, conceptual artist and lawyer who works to integrate a diverse array of passions including music, literature, experimental sound, social justice and psychology to inform work in a similarly varied field of pursuits.        Henrique Hinnerfeldt is a DJ, sound and visual artist; and photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.        Maria Dønvang is an audio producer searching for hidden connections and grand gestures in the lives of ordinary folks and hoping to reveal the subtle poetry of their worlds.


SpaceCamp presents: Boogie

Down to Topical Sounds!

The HearSay Audio Prize 2019

Awards Ceremony



The HearSay Chocolate Box of Aural Delights

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Each 45 minute layer in the HearSay Chocolate box is curated by a different secret HearSay event contributor (chocolatier!)


Our Audio chocolatiers have each rummaged through their hard-drives and selected pieces drawn from the best things they have done in their lives (so far) and sounds that have inspired or transported them.


Prepare to give time to something beautiful.


With Real Artisan Chocolates provided by Butlers Chocolate Cafe.

Ideas are everywhere, if you know where to look. In this special collaboration between HearSay and Audiocraft, five producers share a lesson they’ve learnt from outside of the audio world that has changed the way they create.

Featuring Ariana Martinez, Jonathan Zenti, Phil Smith, Rachel Ní Chuinn and Mike Williams.


Jess Bineth (Australia)

The co-founder of Audiocraft–an Australian organisation for podcasters and radiomakers.


You MUST have a festival pass to attend most events in the Think, Deepen, Converse and Celebrate Strands & many events in the Encounter & Experience Strands. Collect your pass at the Welcome Desk from September 28th.


To be eligible for a festival pass, you must either

     have received and RSVPed to a festival invitation  


     be a resident (with 5 miles) of the village of Kilfinane 


Expressions of Interest in receiving an Invitation closed June 22nd 2017. Invitations were issued to people from 30 countries. Festival Passes for those coming from outside Kilfinane are now COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT.

If you are lucky enough to get to come to #HearSay17 - GIVE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD FOR YOUR FESTIVAL PASS




If you've just heard abouth HearSay17, don't despair! Many Events in the Encounter & Experience Strands are marked OPEN TO ALL. For these NO PASS IS NEEDED. More events will be marked "OPEN TO ALL" (including from other strands) in the week of #HearSay17. See you in Kilfinane!

Amy Hanley (Australia)

Hannah Dean (UK)

Helene Thomas (Australia)

Johanna Fricke (Germany)

Joyce De Badts & Wederik De Backer (Belgium)

Neena Pathak (USA)

Ping Zhao (China)

Ultan O'Brien (Ireland)

Daniel Lewis (USA)

An American DJ, conceptual artist and lawyer

Henrique Hinnerfeldt

A sound and visual artist and photographer

Maria Dønvang (Denmark)

An audio producer searching for hidden connections and grand gestures in the lives of ordinary folks

Step into our plush, cosy cinema, and sink into a comfy chair. Grab a tub of popcorn, and lose yourself in fantastic, feature-length audio storytelling. It's like cinema, but without the pictures. With a packed programme of some of the best full-length features, documentaries and dramas the airwaves have to offer, and a new show every hour, you'll never have to wait too long for a great story. Look out for our Director's Cuts Screenings, with world class audio makers dissecting their creations and answering your questions.  The cinemas will also host other events in the programme.

butlerschocolatateslayer Jessica Bineth1

Bristol In the Dark (UK)

A celebration of stories told through sound.

in the dark

HearSay Audio Cinema

The HearSay Chocolate Box of Aural Delights

the hearsay audio prize 2019 maria daniel henrique

Radio Atlas - Papa, We Are In Syria

In February 2015, Joachim Gerhard has reached the city of Elbeyli on the border between Turkey and Syria and stands within sight of Kobane, a city under fire. He shouts in despair into his phone. He is trying to persuade his two sons Mike (18) and Klaus (25) to come back to Germany with him. For the last time but one, the 51-year-old hears their voices – distorted and hysterical. Soon afterwards a video appears – Mike and Klaus pose with an automatic rifle under a black Daesh flag and declare their father an enemy. Nevertheless, Joachim does not give up on his sons.


Presented by


Radio Atlas (UK)

Joachim Gerhard’s Search for Lost Sons and Holy Warriors’  by Christian Lerch

The Night Watchman


A rare opportunity to hear the landmark 1971 documentary - 'The Night Watchman' from Danish Radio. Made by Stephen Schwartz, the pioneer of a highly influential interviewing technique.

Radio Atlas (UK)

night watchman Geräuschkulisse



HearSay "Immerse passes" give all access to all events on all days.

Both "Give what you can afford" and "Fixed charge" passes were sold out three months before the festival this year. A "Discover" Pass was available to local people within 10 kilometres of Kilfinane (without charge) from the Welcome desk at the Ballyhoura Apple Farm.



HearSay19 Programme NOW LIVE!

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