International Audio Arts Festival

29th September - 1st October 2017

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


Ed-Baxter laurent baraton

Laurent Baraton (France)

Sound engineer and teacher of sound for film and documentary makers

The HearSay17 Programme

Think   Deepen   Encounter   Converse   Experience   Celebrate


The HearSay Audio Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony and a lot, lot more. From intriguing new ways to engage with audio to being blown away by new audio creations, from unearthing stunning audio from the past to sharing audio from the creators of the future -  the Celebrate thread does what it says on the tin - celebrates wonderful creative audio from around the world.


There's a spirit of possibility at HearSay. A sense of the unexpected, the unfamiliar. Sometimes playful, often dramatic, always surprising, it’s the things we Experience that burn in our memories.


Eavesdrop on live conversations between creators interspersed with compelling audio extracts  as they explore wonderful sounds and their approach to making them.  Participate in interesting conversations brought about in surprising ways.


HearSay is about a village coming together to celebrate creative audio at every turn. During HearSay, explore the village and Encounter #audioeverywhere.


If you are looking for rich insights into the creative process of some of the world's finest audio makers, then HearSay17 is definitely the place for you. The Deepen sessions are all about practicality and craft drawn from the creators of the sounds in the film, comedy, drama, art and features that inspire us.



HearSay2017 provides space to Think deeply about sound. Varied in their approaches and subject matter, join a selection of HearSay contributors as they explore intriguing topics of their choice.

Hear the winning pieces and celebrate with our nine award winners of the 2017 HearSay Audio Prize in a very special ceremony.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Old Church



It is time to say farewell.


Building on a HearSay tradition, we are holding an Irish wake, but for audio - a piece of tape which didn’t make the final cut. You know the piece of tape we’re talking about, it still excites you! You’ve tried many times to find a way for the tape to live, reworking it over and over, so as to include it into different pieces. It is time to let it go. It is time to mourn it but also to celebrate its existence.


All HearSay participants are invited to bring a piece of audio to mourn. There are no distinctions in our final moments. All of the Hearsay family are your mourners. [if you are attending HearSay17 and have a piece of audio that you would like to mourn and celebrate, drop a mail to connor@inthedarkradio.org by the 10th September]


This year at the HearSay Wake, local customs will blend with sound and story to mark the end of the 2017 HearSay Festival. Rise up!




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: To be announced


The HearSay Wake

The HearSay

Audio Prize 2017

Awards Ceremony




The first of our Surprise HearSay Audio Chocolatiers has been announced!


Kate Montague (Australia)

Radio producer, director of Audiocraft and PhD researcher


More chocolatiers to be announced closer to #HearSay17

The Chocolate box of Aural Delights

In The Dark presents...

The Radio Cinema

Each 45 minute layer in the HearSay Chocolate box is curated by a different secret HearSay event contributor (chocolatier!)


Our Audio chocolatiers have each rummaged through their hard-drives and selected pieces drawn from the best things they have done in their lives (so far) and sounds that have inspired or transported them.


Prepare to give time to something beautiful.



Dates & Times : to be announced

Venue: Public Library


Step into our plush, cosy cinema, and sink into a comfy chair. Grab a tub of popcorn, and lose yourself in fantastic, feature-length audio storytelling. It's like cinema, but without the pictures.


With a packed programme of some of the best full-length features, documentaries and dramas the airwaves have to offer, and a new show every hour, you'll never have to wait too long for a great story. Look out for our Director's Cuts Screenings, with world class audio makers dissecting their creations and answering your questions.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Soundscape Yoga Is Back! This year we will be listening and moving through Yin Yoga, a slow paced style particularly suited to slow and mindful practice, where asanas are held for longer periods of time.


These relaxing 25 minute sessions are suitable for all levels and abilities, including complete beginners.  We will be comfortably working through variations of seated and supine poses while opening our ears and imagination to some of the most inspiring soundscapes from around the world.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

The Space Between is a performance/installation using image, sound and text that examines the empty space between people who otherwise are very close: family, neighbours, friends.


Uncomfortable stories that keep haunting us and keep evolving in our memory. Sometimes, this feeling of discomfort and distance can be settled for a short time by machines built to contain memories: in audio, images and music.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


In what ways can audio-makers strike a compelling balance between clarity and complexity? How much can we demand of our listeners. Is there an audience for audio pieces that require active listening?


Explore these questions in a completely unique way with session participants  combining experimental writing with improvised voice and sound composition.


Building on the theme of Ambiguity, Participants will be guided and conducted collectively creating short pieces of live audio works that draw on qualities of voices and words, pacing, intensity, repetition and silence.


Participate or come and hear the outcomes.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Signal to Noise

Growing up, Phoebe called herself a Twinkie - yellow on the outside, white on the inside.


A live mixed performance about

who we are //

who we think we are //

who others perceive us to be.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Rachel  Ní Chuinn (Ire) artist & presenter working with sound, movement, text and electronics 

Jessica Foley (Ire)

writer working in-between visual art and telecommunications engineering.

Katharina Smets (Belgium)

audio producer

Inne Esyermans (Belgium)


Ingrid Leonard (Belgium)

photographer and video artist 

Phoebe Wang (USA)

Multidisciplinary artist, curator, and radio producer. Associate Producer of The Heart podcast.



The Space Between

Have some fun by thinking more deeply about sound and deconstructing things we take for granted.


Presented by Pez and Geoff, The Sonic Pub Quiz is a game where all the questions are about sound. In fact, most of them involve listening, with loads of audio and the odd visual.


As well as pub-quiz-style questions, there will be a chance for audience interaction with demos of sonic phenomena, a foley table and an improvised audio drama.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Apple Farm Meeting Room


What are the Odds?

Invasive Specials

Rest for a while in a Kilfinane Garden. Over time the birds get used to your prescence, alarm calls changing to song. The sounds of the local environment are familiar, relaxing. But there are other sounds here .....  


Based on recordings from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, this long-duration composition introduces alien audio elements through surround sound with the local sound-environment. Giving rise to contemplation of topics such as immigration, invasion, confusion and interconnectivity, the listener directs their own experience of what they are hearing.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



Slavek Kwi (Czechia)  

Sound-artist, composer and researcher interested in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality.

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

Audio Artist, Host and creative director of Radiotopia's "The Heart"  Winner of Third Coast Gold, & the Prix Italia. and overall Winner of HearSay Audio Prize in 2014


It's that time. You partied all night last night, in Kilfinanes varied pubs. There's yet more converstation to do, more incredible HearSay sessions to see. You wonder if you should go back to your lodging for a little lie down. But you know that if you do, you risk just falling asleep for the rest of the night and missing everything.


Instead, come to Kaitlin Prest's radio naptime for a lie down, where she'll tuck you in and let you rest for just long enough to dream one magical radio dream.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

The HearSay

Echo Chamber

Camilla Fanning (IRE) 

Artist using field recordings, spoken word, music, movement and audio to create soundscapes and on site installations.

Sit down, listen to a message, leave your own to be heard by another listener.


Somewhere between Chinese-whispers and cognitive dissonance this participatory art installation explores the threats to independent thought, in particular in relation to the words we hear all around us all the time, from radio interviews, news broadcasts, podcasts and soundbites.


Can we find our own voice - and keep our own thoughts - in the midst of this cacophony?



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



Wander the streets of Kilfinane with your headphones on, as the voices, stories and sounds of local people, HearSay visitors, and special places are triggered off simply by your location and movement.  


For local and vistor alike.  engage for as long as you wish. Come to the Welcome Point to get yourself set up.



Date & time: Available 24 hours



Chris Brookes (Canada)  

Prix Italia & Peabody Winner

Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)    Prix Marulic and  UK Radio Academy Producer of the Year,

Annie McEwen (Canada)  

Third Coast Best Newcomer & Producer with Radiolab

Stranger Kilfinane

An Audible Tasting

There are some things that could only happen at HearSay - An Audible Tasting offering treats for the mouth and ears is definitely one of them.


HearSay Invitees are asked to a guided tasting unlike any other, as a selection of carefully crafted audio pieces from Audible is paired with stunning locally brewed craft beers. The rich, subtle nature of both will be filtered through creative insights from passionate audio producers Collin Campbell, Lina Misitzis, Jesse Baker & Olivia Natt  and the in-depth knowledge of one of Irelands finest food writers.


[HearSay Invitees Only - not suitable for those under 18 years]


When:  Sat 30th Sept 8.30pm  Venue: Old Church

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Audible's Vice President of Original Content Development with colleagues Collin Campbell, Olivia Natt, Lina Misitzis & Jesse Baker. 

Caroline Hennessy (Ire) Broadcaster and author of "Sláinte - The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider"

Empathy Museum (UK) Launched in 2015, the Empathy Museum is dedicated to promoting empathy through a series of participatory arts projects with a focus on storytelling and dialogue.

Walk A Mile in

My Shoes

A Mile in My Shoes is a shoe shop where visitors are invited to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes - literally.


Housed for HearSay17 in the wonderfully evocative McCarthy's Store. The wooden shelves and counters holds a diverse collection of 150 pairs of shoes and audio stories that explore our shared humanity.


From a Syrian refugee to a sex worker, a war veteran to a neuro surgeon, and new stories from Kilfinane, visitors are invited to walk a mile in the shoes of a stranger whilst listening to their story and go on empathetic as well as a physical journey.



Date & Time : to be announced

McCarthy's Store



A Moment to Yourself:

The  Hearsay

Audio Toilet

The HearSay Builders

Taking #AudioEverywhere to the max.


Finally a festival toilet with a reason to stay in rather than rush out!



Date & Time: Open throughout (except when you lock the door!)

Venue: Apple Farm



An intimate and powerful auditory experience specifically designed for HearSay by two of the most interesting people working in audio today. Compassionate and challenging, this piece is engaged with by one person at a time.


By appointment only (issued prior to the festival). Come to the HearSay Welcome Point at the time of your appointment for direction.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Secret Location

Kaitlin Prest (Canada) 

Audio Artist, Host and creative director of "The Heart"  (Radiotopia).Prix Italia, Overall Winner HearSay Audio Prize 2014

Sharon Mashihi (USA)

Screenwriter and editorial advisor on Radiotopia's "The Heart"

Between You

and the

Bathroom Mirror

In Darkness, (De)light


A weaving of story, theatre, willful narrators and inspiring surprises.


Give yourself over to sumptuous sounds and distilled reflection in a live performance that combines audio with adventure.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Old Church

Diarmuid McIntyre (IRE)

& Friends

PPI, New York Festival,

and AIBs Gold Winners, Prix Europa Nominees

Ballyhoura CCÉ (IRE)

Since their founding in 204, CCE Ballyhoura has driven a renewal of traditional music & dance in the Kilfinane area with over 150 actiive musicians

A Session is a group of traditional musicians/singers playing together.  


Explore the six pubs and drop in on one or catch all the scehduled sessions of rich local music.


Take a breather, grab a coffee or grab a pint & setttle in.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



skwi empathy museum toilet 2 bathroom mirrir inne-eysermans-katharina-smets-c-olmo-peeters2 crowded pub ret_06 - RS the_future_of_the_craft_beer_industry

The HearSay

Session Trail


Soundscape Yoga


La Cosa Preziosa (Italy)

Sound artist and field recordist creating short-form audio works using field recordings captured in different locations around the world.


Meira Asher (Israel)

curator-presenter of radioart106FM known for her uncompromising Societal Art  Eran Sachs (Israel)

composer, improviser, sound-artist and curator working in Jerusalem and Jaffa.

The Last Shall be The First

Lucy Dearlove (UK) 

Independent audio producer, radio teacher and  host of podcast "Lecker"


In this HearSay version of Potluck, guests will bring only their ears and mouths to the table as the meal will be provided by guests absent in corporeal form but present sonically.


There will be three different courses, each one in the form of a crafted audio piece exploring the preparation of a dish and the emotional journey experienced by the person cooking it.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



Zoë Comyns (IRE) 

PPI award winning independent radio producer.

EHMIT/Owing To The Failure Of


Cristal Duhaime (Canada)

Co-Creator of CBC's 'Love Me', , Prix Italia, Prix Nova and Hearsay Prize Winner (Audio Fiction) 2015

Alexander Charles Adams (USA)

Sound artist, dramaturg, drag queen, producer of radio drama podcast Smash/Cut,

Diarmuid McIntyre (IRE) HearSay Festival Director & Kilfinane Drama Group

What happens when you bring twriters with very different backgrounds, bring in local people as colloborators, and say that the streets and shops of Kilfinane are to be the studio?


Encounter the results of a HearSay creative residency in Kilfinane as Cristal and Alexander and Diarmuid work with local actors, writers and community members to create a unique audio fiction rooted in the real world of Kilfinane.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

The Kilfinane Barbershop Experiment

Neil in Library IMG_7266

Veronica Simmonds (Canada)

Radio Experimenter, & Artist, Prix Italia Nominee, Docs for CBC, ABC, BBC

Johnny Spence (Canada)

Musician, Composer, Radio Producer and Sound Artist.


A audio fiction meets live composition - When a woman comes across a set of books, she quickly becomes obsessed with them and the lists within.


This piece uses fragmented audio vignettes that chart a relationship from its origins, via a history of sound, telegraphy and communication and a flight into madness.


This is a work in progress/experimental reading and sound composition written and produced by Zoe Comyns with sound design by Brendan Rehill.


Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

A performance of a powerful new sound work by the Winner of the 2015 HearSay Prize Sound/Radio Art Award.


With their electroacoustic setups, they carry texts by writers like Frantz Fanon, Wilfred Owen with analogue electrionics, voice and percussion, to new extremes.


It is 2017. Asher.Zax direct their machines at the occupation. 69 years of Israeli state occupation of Palestine.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

asher zax

How do we escape in to and out of landscapes? What is the sonic journey of a drop of water as it travels through land, stream and air?


In this 30 minute aural adventure, collaborative radio cousins Veronica Simmonds and Johnny Spence (JustBeCuz) are joined by Lindsay Dobbin (Canada) and Kristina Loring (USA), telematically placing sounds and sounding places. Together they will connect the storied realities of Kilfinane with the tidal truths of the Bay of Fundy.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

It's What You're Not Looking At

Phil Smith (UK/Germany)

Musician and radio producer, Winner of The HearSay Prize Overall "Create" Award 2017

An Immersive Radio Poem performed at an adjusted piano by the HearSay Audio Prize 'Create' Overall Award Winner blending live actors and music and pre-recorded sounds.


Translation between languages, between life and death, between image and sound.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



Ed Baxter (UK)

Co-founder of Resonance FM, radio artist and producer. 

Sunday morning, coming down?  Time for a coffee, a pastry and a chat.  Salon du chat returns to HearSay for a third time. Sit down with a group of other sound heads and let Salon Du Chat host your meeting of minds.


Choose from a carefully selected menu of conversation topics: starters, main and dessert, each one with an audio flavour, such as The Loud Voice of Protest, Sound Heads, Who’s Listening In? & Cinematic Sound Moments.

Drop in while we;re open and grab a chair and a coffee.


Date & Time : 11am-1pm Sunday

Last Orders 12.30pm

Venue: Ballyhoura Apple Farm




Speed Data Radio

S(o)unday Brunch

Speed Data Radio comprises eight to ten tables at each of which are seated four to seven people. Microphones pick up what they say, which is relayed to a mixing desk where the various voices are mixed in real time for both a live performance before a small audience anda stream to a radio audience.


Part experimental theatre, part chat show, part an exercise in live "dub" mixdown (by Ed Baxter) and a lively, efficient and odd way of galvanizing lots of people at once.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

salon du chat

Fionn Davenport (IRE) Broadcaster and travel writer with Lonely Planet, RTE, Newstalk and the Irish Times Travel Show

Inside Culture:

A Recording

A recording of a special HearSay Edition of the radio programme "Inside Culture" presented by Fionn Davenport. The series focuses on Creativity, Culture and Ideas and this special edition recorded by Regan Hutchins and Zoë Comyns will be broadcast in October on RTÉ Radio 1.


[Closed recording]


Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

We're aware that there are many people coming to HearSay who would be shy to ask for advice about their audio, their direction, their hopes.


Audio Reach-outs  are 1-to-1s or in really small groups with HearSay Contributors taking 30 minutes to listen, give feedback, and guide.  (limited spaces - prebooking essential).



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Quiet Corners


Audio Reachouts


The Winners

Talk It All

Fatos Vladi (Albania/Netherlands) Independent documentary director and journalist.

Members of the HearSay Prize Jury invite this year's HearSay Prize winners to play their pieces and delve into the inspiration, process and challenges involved.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: The Convent Chapel

Story ID

(Story identification/


What is a good story? Is it possible to detect a good story in 2 minutes?


Fatos Vladi has developed a Story ID toolkit.


In this interactive storytelling workshop participants will be presented with the tools and ingredients for a good story and engage in interactive interviews and brainstorming sessions.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



Funding innovative audio can be a challenge. The BAI Sound and Vision Scheme invest over €1m each year in audio production and has innovation as one of its core objectives.  If you are an Irish based audio maker,


Come along to see if your ideas match the funds objectives. Ask the questions you've always want to ask in an open  and friendly conversation.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced




Cristal Duhaime(Canada)

Co-Creator of CBC's 'Love Me', Writer at 'Wiretap', Prix Italia, Prix Nova and Hearsay Prize Winner (Audio Fiction) 2015

Alexander Charles Adams (USA)

Sound artist, dramaturg, drag queen, producer of the radio drama podcast Smash/Cut,

& Kilfinane Drama Group Members

The Barbershop Experiment - Reflections

Make sure to engage in           "The Kilfinane Barbershop Experiment"  (under Experience).  Then hear reflections from the cast and crew on the creative process in what promises to be a live conversation with twists and turns.  


None of the team involved have ever worked together before. It will be a new experience too for the local writers and actors.


Join the participants in the experiment as they swap insights into the blocks, the bumps, and the breakthroughs.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Neil in Library

Dr Kate McAney  (IRE)

Zoologist working for the Vincent Wildlife Trust and following the fortunes of the Lesser Horseshoe bats up and down the West coast of Ireland.

As dusk falls, Bats dip and dive amongst the trees, old buildings and streams of Kilfinane


Bats live in a world so different to our own because they use ultrasound to guide their incredible flight patterns at frequencies higher than our human capacity to hear.


Join us for a walk to hear that world as we head out around Kilfinane equipped with Bat Detectors that translate, to a frequency we CAN hear, the sounds and patterns the bats use to navigate and hunt.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Bring your walking boots and your ears, as we explore a dramatic range of natural sound environments from cascading waterfalls, to ‘dead’ spaces in tree tunnels, and reveal a stunning ancient sonic secret at the heart of a monument three thousand years old.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced




A Walk With Your Ears Wide Open


Diarmuid McIntyre (IRE)

Multi-Award winning founder of Kilfinane-based Grey Heron Media & HearSay Festival Director

Laurent Baraton (France) 

Sound engineer and teacher of sound for film and documentary makers.

Mark Vernon (UK)

Sound artist, radio producer and founder of Radiophrenia, Glasgow's art radio station.

Sounds Above Our Ears - A Bat Detection Walk

Sound Basics & Editing for The Curious Beginner

Audio Archaeology: Kilfinane


Held in local peoples living rooms, the HearSay Open Houses are becoming the stuff of legend and embody the spirit of HearSay. Just 12 people and a mystery host who only declares themselves as the tea (or hot whiskey!) is poured.  


Mystery Hosts in 2015 included Helen Zaltzman, Chris Brookes, Neil Sandell, Lu Olkowlki, Alan Hall, Julia Barton and Steven Rajam in the Old Gaol, the Priest's house, and the home bakers.


Discover disciplines & creators that you might not be familiar with and have chance intimate encounters with people whose work you love!


Date & Time: 12 times to be announced

Venue: Local people's houses

Open Houses

Twelve Mystery HearSay17

Event Contributors

Not everyone at HearSay17 has a deep knowledge of sound and audio production.


If you're from Kilinane and are curious to know how the audio piece you're hearing everywhere get made, or if you are just begining to shift from listenng to making, this session is perfect for you


Suitable for people complete unfamiliar with audio production.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced




Sounds from Kilfinane’s past and present intermingle in a stew of audio tape. Cut into fragments, partially erased by magnets and then buried in a hole in the ground – after several days steeped in the earth of Kilfinane the remaining audio snippets will be exhumed, washed and dried, spliced back together and played as part of a special listening event; a ritual of memory and forgetting.


Come and hear the sounds that endure.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

ballyhouraWalking2 jamonbrownbread2


Michael O Kane  (IRE)

Prix Europa and Prix Marulic winner working with RTE Lyric FM.

What am I Bid?

A farmers wheelbarrow is parked, a pair of field muddied wellingtons between the two handles awaiting their owners return.


In the barrow is the giant Vitavox speaker from the cattle auctions of the East Clare Mart last used in the 1960s. From its giant maw, comes a soundscape specially composed for HearSay17 and rooted in the farming tradition of Kilfinane, Kilmallock and Kilfenora


A sound work of accents and voices, auctions, and the ghost of dung.



Date & Time: Throughout

Venue: On Kilfinane's Streets



There's a car parked in The Square in Kilfinane.


Its unlocked.  


If someone in there already, join them - it's community.


If there is no-one, get in - it's sanctuary.


Close the door.


Turn on the Radio . . .




Date & Time: Throughout

Venue: The Square





Rear Mirror:

Seeing through        the danger

Eugene Boyle (IRE)

Dublin based architect and visual artist collaborating with    Rodrigo Crenier (Mexico) a visual artist who works with drawing and video

Acoustic Autographs

Grace Digney (IRE)

Artist working with paint, batik, sculpture, print and 'Visible Sound' using an 'Eidophone'.

A favourite from HearSay2015 returns.


Push open the door of an old shop on Main st and discover the art in your voice.


You can talk, you can sing and using sand and the force of vibration, capture your own acoustic autograph



Date & Time: Saturday 10-6pm

Venue: McCarthy's Store Annex



grace d mart3 ret_02 - RS teaching

Brett Ascarelli (Sweden)

Prix-Europa nominated radio producer ,

Sonic Secrets:

A HearSay

Treasure Hunt

HearSay is about discovery - finding yourself in places you didn't know you needed to be in until you got there, conversations you didn't know you needed to have until you connected, sounds you didn't know you needed to hear until your ears, head, and heart sang out in recognition.


Sonic Secrets will help you unearth unforeseen treasure.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Rob Byers (USA)

NPR's Production Specialist, Mixer of Radiotopia's "Criminal" Podcast whose work has contributed to the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Music and a Peabody. 

Michael Raphael (USA)

Technical Director for The New Yorker Radio Hour, owner of Rabbit Ears audio

Out in the Wild

Even wondered why audio like "Criminal" SOUNDS as good as it does?


It's much more than just the tape and the story telling. There is a layer of audio magic being applied to make it balanced, punchy rich, and consistent.


In this very practical two-hander Rob Byers & Michael Raphael draw out how to make the final mix sing in your ears.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Mix, Master, Magic

From Page to Ears (and everything       in-between)

Every successful podcast, ever, has had a magical, unique combination of three elements: Story. Character. Voice. An audio producers ability to succeed depends on how they offer distinctive answers to all three.


In this session with noted podcast creator Eric Nuzum will unpack what each means, provide examples of excellence in all three, and provide some tips on how to define your project.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Story. Character. Voice.

Jonathan Mitchell (USA)

Creator and producer of The Truth Podcast from Radiotopia. Peabody, Third Coast, and HearSay Audio Prize Winner

Diana McCorry (USA)

Award-winning multimedia speculative fiction writer and animation producer, current Sundance New Voices finalist

robbyersfieldrecord2 ericnuzum2

Michael Raphaels company, Rabbit Ears Audio, provides authentic sounds to some of the worlds biggest films and video games.


Hands on and practical, this walking workshop takes advantage of the diverse recording opportunities Kilfinane has to offer.


Join with Michael and Rob on the streets, in the shops, and in the wilder corners of Kilfinane and discover how to get the richest strongest recordings "in the field".



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


The stunning "Can You Help Me Find My Mom" won the HearSay Audio Prize 2017 Overall Celebrate Award for existing work - When you hear it, every moment, every twist and turn feels like it just had to be there. But it started out as quite a different piece.


Join writer Diana McCorry and producer/director Jonathan Mitchell as they break down the challenging process of shaping and working together on this powerful audio fiction piece.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Emer Horgan (IRE)

Award-winning producer, and broadcaster and voice over artist for RTÉ

Smile, You're On

The Radio!

Every moment in cinema involves a sound decision, sometimes the most powerful use of sound can be to look to immerse the audience in the feeling of a moment, to put them into the headspace of a character or event onscreen.


Taking examples from their own work in Film sound post production, as well as some key examples from film's rich sound history, Doug and Steve explore the power of subjective sound use in cinema.


Creative sound design enables colloborations with the film's director to create a sound experience that is emotional, subjective and rich in story that allows the viewer get lost in the moment with a film.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

In The Moment: Subjective Sound    in Cinema

Effects & Mastering - An Engineer's Perspective

Douglas Murray (USA)

Supervising sound editor, sound designer and sound mixer on films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Twin Peaks.  Steve Fanagan (IRE) Emmy nominated Sound designer, editor and re-recording mixer. Multiple IFTA Winner and MPSE Golden Reel for "Game of Thrones

A practical workshop that will demonstrate and teach skills to help you to find the full potential of your voice and make your script sparkle.


From the building blocks of breath, posture, vocal and facial exercises to the subtleties of visualisation and the emotional voice, Emer will work with participants to show how various coaching and performance techniques can dramatically enhance the confidence, clarity and credibility of your voice and your script.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Many audio makers focus on cutting and layering their sessions - there's a story to tell and we get the job done. But there is two tools avalable in every producers editing software that we can be needlessy afraid of: EQ and compressors.


Bringing to bear his work on films and music as well as documentaries, Laurent wants to make sure we understand what these tools are, when to use them and when not to use them. Understanding the principles involved and how to deploy them effectively can make a big difference to our end result.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

MichaelRaphael2 emer horgan2 truth+logo+7 films2

Julia Barton (USA)

Editor Malcom Gladwells' Revisionist History, Slate's "Placemakers" and PRI's "The World"  Reporter "99% Invisible", & "Radiolab" Winner 2014 HearSay Prize Across the Waves Award

Get Your Ears Back

To build audio stories, we use visual aids: paper scripts, screen software. But that comes with a cost. We lose a vital perspective.


Longtime story editor Julia Barton talks about the steps we then need to 'hear' our work like a listener will.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Rob Byers (USA)

NPR's Production Specialist, Mixer of Radiotopia's "Criminal" Podcast whose work has contributed to the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Music and a Peabody.

Michael Raphael (USA)

Technical Director for The New Yorker Radio Hour, owner of Rabbit Ears audio

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Senior Vice President of Original Content Development at Audible, ex-VP of programming at NPR

Annie McEwen (Canada)

Radio producer at Radiolab, winner of Third Coast Best New Artist Award

Matt Kielty (Canada)

Producer for Radiolab, This American Life and 99% Invisible

Radiolab: Scene     by Sound

Radiolab is a show about curiosity, where science meets culture and information sounds like music. Its mind-story telling and stunning sound design has inspired and reshaped our creative audio possibilities.


In the spirit of Radiolab, Producer Matt and Sound Designer Annie go deep, really deep into the building of a scene. Opening up a show session, they examine the really small things that make a difference, the choices made, why they were made and and touch on the often missed 'when'.




Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Lulu Miller (USA)

Co-founder of NPR's 'Invisibilia', former producer with Radiolab

A riff on voice, accent, class and the need to change our attitudes towards contributors and the expectations of listeners.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Radio is a most intimate medium. And perhaps the most intimate form of radio is the audio confessional. In this session, Leo explores what makes audio confessionals so distinctive and so powerful. This kind of storytelling has a unique ability to create empathy between storyteller and audiences. He'll celebrate some of the great confessionals in the history of audio, and offer strategies and ideas for your ideas and what comes next.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

An examination of some of the most profound radio features and shorts that illuminate political topics and document and/or transform both the listener’s and the producer’s engagement with political topics through creative uses of narrative, assemblage, language, absurdity, rhythm, and humor. What analysis of power do they present? What are various underlying assumptions about the role of a radio documentary as a force for social justice –is radio storytelling an intervention, an educational experience, a form of bearing witness?



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

The Politics of Storytelling

There’s a lot of ‘radiosplaining' in radio and podcasting; a lot of  'This is how it works. Here’s what’s going on. Did you notice that…?


It’s become our dominant mode — and it doesn’t leave much room for another way of experiencing the world that’s less analytical and more intuitive and instinctive.


It doesn’t leave much room for wonder.


What would a more wonder-full type of audio might sound like, how we can go about making it, and what effect might have on our listeners.?



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Cathy Fitzgerald (UK) Award-winning radio presenter and producer, director of White Stiletto productions and the caretaker of Strange & Charmed, a school for audio storytellers.

Leo Hornak (UK)

BBC reporter and member of the In The Dark collective.

Audio in Wonderland

Dear Diary:

The Power & Poetry of the Audio Confessional


Whose Voices?

Cathy FitzGerald crop Leo Hornak

Robin Parmar (Canada)

Cross-disciplinary media artist whose works explore memory, perception, and place through sound, video, and text.

Its a complex world of podcasts, phone apps, and digital broadcasting. What role does radio have left to play?  Is there still scope for those Utopian ideals that birthed radio in the first place?


By examining the history of radio and its various transmission technologies, from telegraph to webcast, we can demonstrate that radio in any form has an important role as an ephemeral and inclusive force, flourishing as "invisible voices in the wind, in thunder, in the dream



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

"We're all journalists now!" or should we be?


The producer of "Tim Key and Gogol's Overcoat" makes the case that at their best, apparently “lightweight” features can deliver deep, moving and profound insight and that harnessing playfulness is actually one of the unique and precious ways audio stories reveal truths about our world and ourselves.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Steven Rajam (UK)

Producer and feature-maker with BBC Wales. Winner Priz Italia, Grand Prix Marulic & The EBU Ake Blomstrom Award

Larks Do More

Than Sing!

Radio Without Radiowaves:

Utopian Proposals


Venture through In The Dark's new project that maps how radio got to where it is today. What makers and producers have lead us here? What are the groundbreaking radio moments that changed its course of development?


In The Dark sent these creative ideas to University College London who turned it into a computer-based data visualisation.


Come and see this demo of the interactive map of influential radio and meander with us the tracks through the world of radio.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Co-producer of Sound Matters podcast,"True Story" Award Winner HearSay Audio Prize 2017

In the Dark presents.. Tracing the Roots of Radio...On Screen

What Michael O'Kane thought might be a short humorous, life affirming piece about him learning to swim later in life has now amounted to a more poignant record for him and those around him. opening up submerged Joys, fears, phobias, ambitions and grief’s he has had and is having.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced


Michael O'Kane (IRE)

Prix Europa and Prix Marulic winner working with RTE Lyric FM.

Sinker or Floater?

Lulu has been working on something that unlike anything she's ever done for radio.


It's experimental. And pretty spooky. She's still working on it, still working it out. It'll be ready for HearSay. She'll be ready to talk.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

images_010 steven2

I Traveled the Wide, Wide World and Came Back To This 

There are moments when a piece of audio gives us pause, inspires us to think differently about what we make ourselves, a fresh thread of inspiration that gently weaves its way through our future creative works.

Chris Brookes unwinds his craft and listening history to uncover the subtle links between what he heard and what he makes.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

chris brookes

The Farmer: A Real life Ghost Story

(of sorts)

In The Dark Bristol (UK)

A collective of volunteers dedicated to bringing brilliant and beautiful radio to a wider audience by organising curated 'listening events' across the UK.

Karen Werner (USA)

Radio producer and sociologist, winner Grand Prix Marulic 2016. Artist in residence Museum Quartier (Vienna) Fall 2017

Chris Brookes (Canada)

Winner of over 40 international awards including the Peabody and Prix Italia, Third Coast Audio Luminary

Alan Hall  (UK)

Founder of Falling Tree Production and winner of Sonys, Prix Europa, Prix Marulic  prizes.

HearSay17 Event Contributors (Various)

Salon du Chat (IRE)

Salon du Chat is a shrine to the art of good conversation.

The HearSay Audio Prize 2017 Winners

Darkness Delight

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Funding Possibilities for Irish-based Producers


Ciaran Kissane (IRE) Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, operator of the Broadcast Fund supporting new and innovative radio programming.

silence to noise2 silence to noise3 phil2

Peregrine Andrews (UK)

sound designer, editor and mixer, producer of "Sound of Sport" for 99% Invisible Podcast

Geoff Marsh (UK)

science writer and radio producer from London

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Mike Williams (Australia)

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Judy-Meg Ní Chinnéide (Ireland)

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Between Us


The relationship between producer and storyteller when crafting audio personal narratives involves a delicate mix of generosity, trust and vulnerability. Kate Montague examines how we shepherd these stories to completion, and what comes out in the wash.


Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Kate Montague (Australia)

Radio producer, director of Audiocraft, PhD researcher.

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