International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



Best CREATE Entry in a Language other than English (Also eligible for overall award)

The HearSay Audio Prize 2019 - Shortlists

And the shortlistees (listed alphabetically by title) are.....

(Overall Award for work created especially for the HearSay Prize 2019)

HearSay Audio Prize 2019 - CREATE  GOLD - SHORTLIST


Special Category Awards 2019

Best CELEBRATE Entry in a Language other than English (Also eligible for overall award)

HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Rising Award  SHORTLIST

HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Radio/Sound Art Award

Stunning sound with artistic purpose

A true tale, brilliantly told. 

In 2019 we had 158 entries from 28 countries. Our wonderful judges had a very tough job narrowing these exciting and diverse entries down to the Shortlists below. Judging took place anonymously with the judges not being aware of the identities of the makers. Thanks to all those who entered the competition and well done to all the shortlistees. Good luck...


Winners were announced on TUESDAY 12th February 2019 at 3pm Irish time

(Winners prizes include flights from anywhere in the world to HearSay19 in April plus creative residences, festival passes and much more)


1. A Caixa  Sofia Saldanha (Portugal)

2. A Salad Spinner's Song - Das Lied der Salatschleuder Johanna Fricke (Germany)

3. A Simple Act Helene Thomas (Australia)

4. Man of Letters  Tom Glasser (United Kingdom)

5. Row-cub Neena Pathak (USA)

6. The Collector Neil Sandell (France/Canada)

7. Time to talk  Miriam Arndts (Denmark)

(Overall award for pre-existing work/re-imagined work)

HearSay Audio Prize 2019  CREATE GanBéarla Award - SHORTLIST

HearSay Audio Prize 2019 CELEBRATE GanBéarla Award - SHORTLIST

HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Story Award

HearSay Audio Prize 2019  Audio Fiction Award

Ballyhoura Award

Engaging narrative and compelling characters

1. A Taxi Stops Rikke Houd (Denmark)

2. Espera  Sayre Quevedo (USA)

3. Fading Nanna Hauge Kristensen (Denmark)

4. Helene  Joyce de Badts (Belgium)

5. I Love You Leila Day (USA)


6. Last Requests Hannah Dean (United Kingdom)


7. Puzzle of Borders  Laura Romero & André Cunha (Spain & Portugal)

1. A Caixa Sofia Saldanha (Portugal)

2. Das Lied der Salatschleuder  Johanna Fricke (Germany)

3. Time to talk  Miriam Arndts (Denmark)

1. Fence, River, Driuillin Ultan O'Brien  (Ireland )

2. Granny in the Poo Jasmine Chakravarty (United Kingdom)

3. Memento Mori Cheyne Anderson (Australia)

4. Summer Is Gone  Ping Zhao (United Kingdom)

5. Tides & thoughts Mia Nexø Gjelstrup (Denmark)


6. To Hell and Back Ella Feldman (USA)


7. Visiting Grandma Esteban Andres Andrade Velasquez (United Kingdom)


Overall Awards - SHORTLISTS

1. Espera  Sayre Quevedo (USA)


2. Helene  Joyce de Badts & Wederik De Backer (Belgium)


3. Puzzle of Borders  Laura Romero & André Cunha (Spain & Portugal)

There is no shortlist for these awards.


The Winner in each category will not necessarily be on the Create/Celebrate shortlists.


The Special Category winners will be announced alongside the Create & Celebrate Overall and GanBearla Awards and Rising Awards on 12th February

To encourage audio creativity in those in full time education or under the age of 21.

Closing Date: 

EARLYBIRD 4th January 2021

FINAL 21st January 2021


Shortlisted Creators Notified  

14th April 2021


Winners & Prize Ceremony

14th May 2021


Judges: Find our 2019 Jury here. 

(The 2021 Jury is revealed in May


13 Awards in total


2 Overall Awards

HearSay CREATE Gold Award

(Overall winner - for NEW audio work)


HearSay CELEBRATE Gold Award

(Overall winner - for EXISTING work)


2 Awards for Work in a

Language other than English

HearSay Create Ganbearla Award

HearSay Celebrate Ganbearla Award


1 Award to recognise emerging audio makers (Full-Time Student and/or under age of 21) 

HearSay Rising Award


8 Special Category Awards