International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



Help Build HearSay's Future

HearSay is where TWO wonderful communities meet - the International Creative Audio Community

& the Kilfinane Community.

10% of what you give

will go towards supporting other

Arts & Community Initiatives

in the Kilfinane Area

Help build our HearSay community Today

HearSay is more than a conference.

HearSay is more than a festival.

HearSay is a community

HearSay is a family


There are no name badges at HearSay,

just people passionate about creative audio,

inspiring each other.

HearSay now needs your help

to inspire a future of audio possibilities



There is a huge amount of work and imagination and hidden costs

that go into shepherding HearSay Magic into this world.


What you give will enable HearSay to

be sustainable as an independent arts organisation



We also want to enable audio magic

not just at Festival time but throughout the year

and in ways we're only just beginning to dream up.

We also want to keep this growing audio family of ours

as inclusive as possible.


What you give will make future HearSay Festivals,

special events, commissions, and initiatives possible.




Please only give WHAT & IF you can afford

We know that everyone's circumstances are different.

PLEASE PLEASE only give what you are able to afford!

Every bit helps and every penny is appreciated!