International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


HearSay17 Cost & Invitations


HearSay17  Essentials

HearSay17 - The 2017 HearSay International Audio Festival takes place in the mountain village of Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland from 4pm Friday 29th September to 6pm Sunday 1st October 2017.


There will also be a small number of special events for those who come early to Kilfinane in the week running up to the Festival. Attendees to the last Hearsay Festival in 2015 came from 24 countries and made the most of their trip to Ireland.


Cost to attend - A surprising answer.

HearSay17 is an experiment in building community.  We want HearSay to be as inclusive as possible.


If you are lucky enough to get to come to HearSay17, we ask you to



Help ensure that HearSay survives as an independent arts organisation by contributing based on what is possible for your pocket. Thanks to all the members of the HearSay Family who have made and will make donations so that HearSay17 and a bright future for HearSay is possible.


Your support will also help HearSay grow. We've got exciting plans for events and audio initatives beyond our Festival to keep the HearSay magic alive  through the year and beyond Kilfinane.



Become a contributor to HearSay17

Contributor Creative Residencies will run from Monday 25th of September to Monday 2nd October with a limited number of multi-week creative residences operating in the weeks leading up to the Festival.


At HearSay15, there were 84 events hosted by 54 contributors from all over the world in 19 different venues from living rooms to old churches. Contributors come from all audio disciplines from Audio Features to Film Sound, Sound Art to Podcasts.


We’ve been drawing up an incredible programme for HearSay17 and for the first time ever, any person who attended either of the first two HearSay Festivals was given the opportunity to pitch an idea. Click here to apply: bit.ly/PitchHearSay17 Contributor pitches from previous attendees CLOSED on May 31st. 



Volunteer Crew with HearSay17  

Crew Member applications for HearSay 17 CLOSED on May 18th. We received applications from all around the world.  Thank you to everyone who offered to Crew at HearSay17. We have now been in touch with everyone who applied with regard to Crewing at this years Festival.



Attend HearSay17

Places are strictly limited due to the size of our village.


You MUST have a festival pass to attend any event in the Think, Deepen, Converse and Celebrate Strands and several of the events in the Encounter and Experience Strands. Collect your pass at the Welcome Desk on September 29th.


To be eligible for a festival pass, you must either

     have received and RSVPed to a festival invitation  


     be a resident (with 5 miles) of the village of Kilfinane 


Expressions of Interest in receiving an Invitation were open to everyone. The processs of expressing interest closed on June 22nd 2017. Invitations were issued to people from 28 countries. Festival Passes for those coming from outside Kilfinane are now COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT.



Just heard about HearSay? Don't despair! Many Events in the Encounter & Experience Strands are OPEN TO ALL (no pass needed)