International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



Brian Leach MSc is an accomplished musician working in Cork City, Ireland. Moving on from qualifications in Physics and Astro-Physics and Music-Technology he is currently studying Lutherie (guitar building) in St John's Central College, Cork.


Featured on commercially available albums from Torcán (traditional), and Palko (rock), as well as his own solo album released this year under pseudonym Banjo Brino, Brian has played gigs in Ireland, Europe and America.


Brian has recorded international and Irish bands including The Underscore Orkestra and The Tree Sleepers in his recording studio The Sound Bank.


As a sound artist, Brian is interested in analogue electronics, cutting edge technology, harmony theory, and is constantly informed by living traditional music. Previous work Harmony of the Spheres was an interactive sound installation featuring a live stream of data from the 32m radio telescope at the National Space Center. It was exhibited in the Blackrock Castle Observatory in 2012.

Brian Leach

Brian Leach pic