International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



HearSay19 Cost & Registration

HearSay19  Essentials


How to Book your place at HearSay19 


HearSay19 is an experiment in building community.  We want HearSay to be as inclusive as possible.


This year we have made coming to HearSay much simpler and more transparent. There is no three-step process (express interest, be invited, RSVP) as in previous years.

You simply book your place at HearSay19 in one step using EventBrite.

The booking process opened on October 28th. - Register using the red button above


For the first time, there is also a fixed fee for a HearSay19 “Immerse” Pass.


We have introduced this to ensure the survival of the festival. HearSay is fiercely independent, but as a result we operate on a tiny budget, with most people giving time and labour for free. The new fee will make HearSay sustainable on an ongoing basis.

(For more on our decision, check out Why is there a fixed fee for Festival Passes this year? below.)


We recognise that there are some who will struggle with the fixed fee. We want to ensure HearSay remains accessible. One third of the HearSay19 “Immerse” Passes will continue to be offered on a "Give only what you can afford" model.  See Making HearSay19 Accessible”.


A Few Words of Warning

HearSay19 Passes are strictly limited due to the size of our village and the capacity of the beautiful spaces we use throughout the village. There are only 700 of us living here. We also want to ensure that the festival does not lose its friendly intimate feel.


HearSay in 2019 is coordinating dates with IFC19 to offer a week of audio in Ireland (see below). This, along with HearSay’s growing reputation means that there will be additional pressure on places at both events so book early.  


We expect that all the HearSay19 “Immerse” Passes to go by early January 2019 if not before. Book your HearSay19 “Immerse” Pass now – CLICK HERE.


Festival Passes are not refundable, but you may transfer your pass to someone else at no fee up to a week before HearSay19 begins.  


Collect your pass at the Welcome Desk anytime from 3pm on Wednesday April 3rd 2019.  




HearSay19 Festival Passes


HearSay19 “Immerse” Pass

185 Euro (plus eventbrite fees) or "Give what you can afford - see “Making HearSay19 Accessible” below)

A multi-day pass that covers the duration of the 4 days of HearSay19. The HearSay19 “Immersion” Pass will give you access to all events, experiences and encounters in the main programme.

[Please note that there will be NO One-Day “Immerse” Passes available. ]


HearSay19 “Engage” Pass

Similar to the “Immersion” Pass but for local people (resident within eight kilometres of Kilfinane)

- a multi-day pass that covers the duration of the four days of HearSay19. The HearSay19 “Engage” Pass will give you access to all events, experiences and encounters in the main programme. Details of how local people can secure HearSay19 “Engage” passes and participate in events will be circulated early in 2019.


HearSay19 – “Discover” Pass

Pop up events and encounters within the programme that are marked “Discover” are open to all on either a “Free of Charge” or “Give what you wish” basis.

[Please note this pass will not give you access to events within the main programme ‘Think’, ‘Deepen’, ‘Converse’ and ‘Celebrate’ Strands and several of the events in the Encounter and Experience Strands. Only “Immerse” or “Engage” passes will do that.]


There will also be a small number of standalone events that will be ticketed on an event by event basis.


A small number of places will be held back by HearSay to issue direct invitations closer to HearSay19 from under-represented audio disciplines, countries, and backgrounds.


HearSay19 and IFC’19 - We are delighted to announce that HearSay19 is dovetailing with the 45th E.B.U International Features Conference (7th-11th April) to offer an incredible week of audio in Ireland. HearSay attendees are encouraged to attend the IFC, which is hosted by the Irish public service broadcaster RTÉ.

After HearSay finishes on April 7th, bus transport will take attendees directly to IFC in time for their opening. The IFC is an annual crafted radio conference held by a different European Public Broadcaster each year where radio and audio makers gather to listen, critique and share their work. This year's theme is 'Stories, and how we tell them'. To enter your audio into IFC2019 or to register your attendance, please see here for further details.



Making HearSay19 Accessible


We recognise that there are some who will struggle financially with the fixed fee.


We want to ensure HearSay remains accessible. Therefore, one third (33%) of the HearSay19 “Immerse” Passes will continue to be offered on a "Give only what you can afford" model. These are full HearSay19 “Immerse” passes but on a donation basis where you choose what you can afford BETWEEN 30 Euro and 170 Euro.


These places are explicitly aimed at ensuring HearSay remains accessible to low-income earners or those not earning an income at all.


The "give only what you can afford" pass will also be available to those who would find it difficult to meet very high long-haul costs of travel (from countries like Australia or Argentina - not North America. Europe) to Ireland and a full price Festival pass

(Kilfinane continues to be a relatively low cost destination with an average cost of a bed for a night of only around 50 euro. There is currently a trans-atlantic airfares price war and low priced airlines flying into Dublin, Limerick and Cork from across Europe.)


If you have any questions or concerns please do drop an email to [email protected]


If you can afford it, please make HearSay sustainable by paying for a fixed cost HearSay19 “Immerse” Pass.



Why is there a fixed fee for Festival Passes this year?


We want to be fully transparent with our community.


When you see something free of charge, there is a natural assumption that a corporation or major funding body is bankrolling it. This is not the case with HearSay.


Our total grant support for HearSay17 from ALL public bodies and support agencies (the Arts Council of Ireland, Limerick Co. Council, Fáilte Ireland, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, and Creative Ireland) was only 21,160 euro.  


In previous years, we have made up the shortfall through the incredible generosity of local firms - who have

contributed despite the tough economic conditions in Ireland.  Ballyhoura Mountain Lodges and the Deebert House Hotel gave ALL their beds for the first HearSay at no charge for contributors; Big Bear Sound provided sound equipment with no fees. Even the bus was provided to HearSay free of charge. We are so grateful.


But it doesn’t feel right that an event like HearSay - which brings both economic opportunity and creative inspiration to our small village - should only be possible if local businesses give - not gain. Therefore in 2015, we implemented a policy of paying 50% of the real cost of everything provided by local businesses, and in 2017 we paid 100%. The decision helps create and sustain local jobs in our village.


In addition, many festival staff, including the director, have worked without pay. Staging HearSay involves months, if not years, of effort. It has been a labour of love for us, but that is not sustainable on an ongoing basis - and we want, more than anything, for HearSay to be sustainable.


Finally, unfortunately our lead sponsor for HearSay17, Audible(US), is no longer able to support us. Audible has changed their strategic direction and withdrawn their sponsorship not just from HearSay19 but from Third Coast and others.


So we are asking our community to support us.


We want to be able to commission and support ambitious creative projects.


We want to put our efforts into developing HearSay’s programming rather than worrying how we can afford to pay or barter for the smallest of things.


We want to continue to strengthen the economic, social and cultural life of our home village.


We want to continue making HearSay accessible to people from all backgrounds and economic circumstance and to the community of Kilfinane.


We want to remain fiercely independent.


We want to make audio beauty possible.



This is what the fee for your HearSay19 “Immerse” Pass will enable.


Booking to attend HearSay19 is now open!