International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



HearSay Audio Prize Winners 2021

Brit Jensen is an audio documentary maker,

editor, sound lover & investigative journalist

based in Czech Republic.


Listen to Lockdown in Stereo HERE




After over 200 entries from 30+ countries we are thrilled to announce the HearSay Audio Prize 2021 Winners. Featuring entries of new work and existing work via two separate streams, CREATE (new work created for the HearSay Prize 2021) and CELEBRATE (exisiting work reimagined for HearSay). All entries to both streams were also eligible for SPECIAL CATEGORY AWARDS.


The prize winning audio works were presented at a very special HearSay Prize 2021 ceremony during the HearSay HomeFires online festival on Friday 14th May 2021.  You can now experience the 11 winning pieces yourself below.


Note: Listening with headphones is definitely recommended. Subtitles are provided for works not in English.

CREATE - Gold Award Overall Award for work created especially for the HearSay Prize 2021

AND CREATE - GanBéarla Award For new work in a language other than English

AND CREATE - FearLess Award tears up the unwritten rulebook to simply demand to be listened to on its own terms

Lockdown in Stereo

by Brit Jensen

CELEBRATE - Gold Award Overall Award for pre-existing/re-imagined work

AND CELEBRATE - GanBéarla Award For work in a language other than English


Going To Switzerland

by Stefanie Müller-Frank

Stefanie Müller-Frank is an audio

documentary storyteller and works for

public radio as a freelance author.

She is based in Berlin and Basel.


Listen to Going To Switzerland HERE



CREATE - Heard Award Audio that foregrounds under-represented experiences, perspectives, and voices

Sincerely G

by Gia DeMonaco

CREATE - HearSay Rising Award (Joint Winners)  For those in full time education and/or under 21yrs

Passing Notes

by Niamh O'Brien

Niamh is a harp player & singer from Co.

.Limerick, Ireland. She is studying for a PhD

in arts practice at University of Limerick,

exploring place & community using music,

audio narratives, and deep mapping.


Listen to Passing Notes HERE




by Lydia Kenny

Lydia Kenny is a BASc Arts and Sciences

student at University College London, and is

also an actor-musician. Chameleon is Lydia’s

first foray into documentary radio.


Listen to Chameleon HERE 



CREATE - Art Award Sound Art, Radio Art that is on the edge of our senses and understanding

Nyokabi Kariuki is a composer-performer

based between USA & Kenya. Her works

range from classical contemporary to choral

music, film, experimental pop,

explorations into sound art, electronics, &

East African musical tradition.


Listen to A Walk Through...  HERE



A Walk Through My Cucu's Farm

by Nyokabi Kariuki

CELEBRATE - Heard Award Audio that foregrounds under-represented experiences, perspectives, and voices

Walks Like A Duck

by Jo Rowntree & Catherine Carr

Jo Rowntree & Catherine Carr (pictured)

have worked together on a number of award-

winning projects for BBC Radio 4 & BBC

World Service.


Listen to Walks Like A Duck HERE.



CREATE - Provoke Award audio that unearths thoughts that unsettle, engage or enrage

Then Came The Birds

by Sarah Mashman

Sarah Mashman is a freelance audio

producer based in lutruwita/ Tasmania. She

has created work for SBS, ABC,CBAA, KCRW

& Google. She is a volunteer audio mentor

for All the Best & a podcast tutor for the

University of Sydney.


Listen to Then Came The Birds HERE.



SPECIAL CATEGORY AWARDS Selected from all entries submitted to CREATE / CELEBRATE

Stefanie Müller-Frank BritJensen GiaDeMonaco GiaDeMonaco

CREATE - Zest Award the lemon slice in a refreshing drink on a too hot day – playful, funny, joyful, or surprising


by Cy X

CY X is a storyteller & cyber witch merging

sound, video art, performance, & sonic-

based research. Fusing art and technology

with the practice of witchcraft, they are

inspired to use spells, rituals, and alchemic

practices to fundamentally alter the world

around us.


Listen to XOXO LEX HERE.

Listener discretion advised: features adult material



CREATE - Human Award forges a connection with lived experience, with our beautiful and sometimes fragile humanity

Baby Talk

by Lucy Maddox

Lucy is a clinical psychologist, writer &

podcaster based in Bristol. Audio is a

relatively recent passion for her & she

particularly likes to try to amplify the voices

of people & stories that aren't always heard.


Listen to Baby Talk HERE




CELEBRATE - FearLess Award tears up the unwritten rulebook to simply demand to be listened to on its own terms

Heralds Of Rain

by Ruben Nachtergaele & Eva De Groote

Ruben Nachtergaele is a sound artist &

musician, composing & performing electro-

acoustic music. Eva De Groote is a writer &

audiomaker. Together they form

Audiobrewery Selkie, creating podcasts &

audio experiences.


Listen to Heralds Of Rain HERE




OVERALL AWARDS  Selected from all entries submitted to CREATE / CELEBRATE