International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



HearSay Audio Prize Winners 2019

Johanna Fricke is an audio documentary storyteller, oral historian and social-anthropologist. She is based in Leipzig and works for public radio as a freelance author/producer.



Listen to Das Lied der Salatschleuder (A Salad Spinner's Song) HERE.





After 158 entries from 28 countries we are thrilled to announce the HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Winners featuring entries of new work and existing work via two separate streams, CREATE (new work created for the HearSay Prize 2019) and CELEBRATE (exisiting work reimagined for HearSay). All entries to both streams were also eligible for SPECIAL CATEGORY AWARDS.


The prize winning audio works were presented at a very special HearSay Prize 2019 ceremony at the festival on Friday 5th April 2019.  You can now experience the 8 winning pieces yourself below.

CREATE - Gold Award Overall Award for work created especially for the HearSay Prize 2019

AND CREATE - GanBéarla Award For new work in a language other than English

Das Lied der Salatschleuder (A Salad Spinner's Song)

by Johanna Fricke

Johanna Fricke SQUARE

CELEBRATE - Gold Award Overall Award for pre-existing/re-imagined work

Last Requests

by Hannah Dean

Hannah Dean SQUARE

Hannah Dean is a freelance radio producer based in London UK. She has recently produced features for broadcast on BBC Radio 4.



Listen to Last Requests HERE.




CELEBRATE - GanBéarla Award For pre-existing/re-imagined work in a language other than English


by Joyce de Badts & Wederik de Backer

Joyce de Badts SQUARE

RISING AWARD For those in full time education and/or under 21yrs

Summer is Gone

by Ping Zhao

Ping Zhao SQUARE

Ping Zhao is a Chinese student studying in the UK. She majors in Ethnographic and Documentary film in UCL. A radio documentary course opened up a new world of audio for Ping. She hopes to continue making creative audio in the future.


Listen to Summer is Gone HERE.





A Simple Act

by Helene Thomas

Helene Thomas SQUARE

Helene Thomas' passion is crafting people’s stories into beautiful audio experiences. She has been producing audio features and documentaries for ABC Radio National for over ten years. Read more about Helene on her wesbite and on SoundCloud


Listen to A Simple Act HERE. Listener discretion is advised due to the sensitive nature of the piece's theme.




Amy Hanley SQUARE

Amy Hanley is a Melbourne based sound artist whose practice considers relations of space, bodies, technology and contemporary ecologies. Engaging forms of performance, installation, and collaboration, Hanley’s work often explores gender, sexuality and queer expression/s. Read more about Amy at


Listen to Sirmadamsir: Oriented Performativity HERE.



Sirmadamsir: Oriented Performativity

by Amy Hanley



by Neena Pathak

Neena Pathak is an audio producer based in NYC. She currently produces the Still Processing podcast at The New York Times.



Listen to ROW-Cub HERE.



Neena Pathak SQUARE

BALLYHOURA AWARD Created by a producer normally resident in Ireland

Ultan O'Brien SQUARE

Fence, River, Driúillín

by Ultan O'Brien

Ultan O’Brien is a fiddle player and violist active in the worlds of performance, composition, and education. Ultan began learning the fiddle at a young age from a variety of musicians in county Clare. He is currently completing an M.Phil in composition in Trinity College, Dublin.


Listen to Fence, River, Driúillín HERE.



SPECIAL CATEGORY AWARDS Selected from all entries submitted to CREATE / CELEBRATE