International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



West Cork (USA)

Jesse Baker, Jennifer Forde, Sam Bungey

The HearSay19 Programme

Think  Deepen  Encounter  Converse  Experience   Celebrate  Performance


The HearSay Audio Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony and a lot, lot more. From intriguing new ways to engage with audio to being blown away by new audio creations, from unearthing stunning audio from the past to sharing audio from the creators of the future -  the Celebrate thread does what it says on the tin - celebrates wonderful creative audio from around the world.


There's a spirit of possibility at HearSay. A sense of the unexpected, the unfamiliar. Sometimes playful, often dramatic, always surprising, it’s the things we Experience that burn in our memories.


Eavesdrop on live conversations between creators interspersed with compelling audio extracts  as they explore wonderful sounds and their approach to making them.  Participate in interesting conversations brought about in surprising ways.


HearSay is about a village coming together to celebrate creative audio at every turn. During HearSay, explore the village and Encounter #audioeverywhere.


If you are looking for rich insights into the creative process of some of the world's finest audio makers, then HearSay19 is definitely the place for you. The Deepen sessions are all about practicality and craft drawn from the creators of the sounds in the film, comedy, drama, art and features that inspire us.



HearSay2019 provides space to Think deeply about sound. Varied in their approaches and subject matter, join a selection of HearSay contributors as they explore intriguing topics of their choice.

The microphones are wamed up.


The Jury is in.


The Prize winners are known.


The evening will be special.


Hear the winning pieces and celebrate with our nine award winners of the 2017 HearSay Audio Prize in a very special ceremony.


(100 Minutes)















When: Friday 29th Sept 8pm

Venue: The Old Church



It is time to say farewell.


Building on a HearSay tradition, we are holding an Irish wake, but for audio - a piece of tape which didn’t make the final cut. You know the piece of tape we’re talking about, it still excites you! You’ve tried many times to find a way for the tape to live, reworking it over and over, so as to include it into different pieces. It is time to let it go. It is time to mourn it but also to celebrate its existence.


All HearSay participants are invited to bring a piece of audio to mourn. There are no distinctions in our final moments. All of the Hearsay family are your mourners.


This year at the HearSay Wake, local customs will blend with sound and story to mark the end of the 2017 HearSay Festival. Rise up!



The HearSay Wake

The HearSay Audio Prize 2017

Awards Ceremony




Our HearSay17

Audio Chocolatiers


Phoebe Wang (USA)

Mark Vernon (UK)

Veronica Simmonds (Canada)

Kate Montague (Australia)

Johnny Spence (Canada)

Jungala Radio (Ireland)

Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)

Annie McEwen (Canada)

Alexander Adams (USA)

Lulu Miller (USA)

The HearSay Chocolate Box of Aural Delights

In The Dark (Bristol) presents...  

The HearSay Radio Cinema

Each 45 minute layer in the HearSay Chocolate box is curated by a different secret HearSay event contributor (chocolatier!)


Our Audio chocolatiers have each rummaged through their hard-drives and selected pieces drawn from the best things they have done in their lives (so far) and sounds that have inspired or transported them.


Prepare to give time to something beautiful.


(45 Minutes each)












Venue (for ALL Layers)

Public Library



Step into our plush, cosy cinema, and sink into a comfy chair. Grab a tub of popcorn, and lose yourself in fantastic, feature-length audio storytelling. It's like cinema, but without the pictures.


With a packed programme of some of the best full-length features, documentaries and dramas the airwaves have to offer, and a new show every hour, you'll never have to wait too long for a great story. Look out for our Director's Cuts Screenings, with world class audio makers dissecting their creations and answering your questions.  The cinemas will also host other events in the programme.


(All Screenings 40-50 Minutes)






Venue: The Radio Cinema

(Scoil Pol)



Soundscape Yoga Is Back! This year we will be listening and moving through Yin Yoga, a slow paced style particularly suited to slow and mindful practice, where asanas are held for longer periods of time.


These relaxing 25 minute sessions are suitable for all levels and abilities, including complete beginners.  We will be comfortably working through variations of seated and supine poses while opening our ears and imagination to some of the most inspiring soundscapes from around the world.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

The Space Between is a performance/installation using image, sound and text that examines the empty space between people who otherwise are very close: family, neighbours, friends.


Uncomfortable stories that keep haunting us and keep evolving in our memory. Sometimes, this feeling of discomfort and distance can be settled for a short time by machines built to contain memories: in audio, images and music.










When: Friday  29th Sept 5pm

Venue: The Dream Space


When:  Friday  29th Sept 6pm

Venue: The Dream Space


In what ways can audio-makers strike a compelling balance between clarity and complexity? How much can we demand of our listeners. Is there an audience for audio pieces that require active listening?


Explore these questions in a completely unique way with session participants  combining experimental writing with improvised voice and sound composition.


Building on the theme of Ambiguity, Participants will be guided and conducted collectively creating short pieces of live audio works that draw on qualities of voices and words, pacing, intensity, repetition and silence.


Participate or come and hear the outcomes.



When: Saturday 30th Sept 2pm

Venue: The Apple Farm Space


When: Saturday 30th Sept 4pm

Venue: The Apple Farm Space

Signal to Noise

Growing up, Phoebe called herself a Twinkie - yellow on the outside, white on the inside.


A live mixed performance about

who we are //

who we think we are //

who others perceive us to be.


















When: Sunday 1st Oct 2pm

Venue: Teach Na Cille


When : Sunday 1st Oct 3pm

Venue: Teach Na Cille


Rachel  Ní Chuinn (Ire) artist & presenter working with sound, movement, text and electronics 

Jessica Foley (Ire)

writer working in-between visual art and telecommunications engineering.

Katharina Smets (Belgium)

audio producer

Inne Esyermans (Belgium)


Ingrid Leonard (Belgium)

photographer and video artist 

Phoebe Wang (USA)

Multidisciplinary artist, curator, and radio producer. Associate Producer of The Heart podcast.



The Space Between

Have some fun by thinking more deeply about sound and deconstructing things we take for granted.


Presented by Pez and Geoff, The Sonic Pub Quiz is a game where all the questions are about sound. In fact, most of them involve listening, with loads of audio and the odd visual.


As well as pub-quiz-style questions, there will be a chance for audience interaction with demos of sonic phenomena, a foley table and an improvised audio drama.




When: Sunday 1st Oct 2pm

Venue: Apple Farm Space


When: Sunday 1st Oct 4pm

Venue: Apple Farm Space




What are the Odds?

Invasive Specials 

Rest for a while in a Kilfinane Garden. Over time the birds get used to your prescence, alarm calls changing to song. The sounds of the local environment are familiar, relaxing. But there are other

sounds here .....  


Based on recordings from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, this long-duration composition introduces alien audio elements through surround sound with the local sound-environment. Giving rise to contemplation of topics such as immigration, invasion, confusion and interconnectivity, the listener directs their own experience of what they are hearing.


(stay as long as you like)


When: Throughout (Daytime)

Venue: Eduction Centre Gardens



Slavek Kwi (Czechia)  

Sound-artist, composer and researcher interested in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality.

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

Audio Artist, Host and creative director of Radiotopia's "The Heart"  Winner of Third Coast Gold, & the Prix Italia. and overall Winner of HearSay Audio Prize in 2014


It's that time. You partied all night last night, in Kilfinanes varied pubs. There's yet more converstation to do, more incredible HearSay sessions to see. You wonder if you should go back to your lodging for a little lie down. But you know that if you do, you risk just falling asleep for the rest of the night and missing everything.


Instead, come to Kaitlin Prest's radio naptime for a lie down, where she'll tuck you in and let you rest for just long enough to dream one magical radio dream.









When Saturday 30th Sept 2pm

Venue: The Dream Space

(Scoil Pol Meditation Room)


When: Saturday 30th Sept 3pm

Venue: The Dream Space

(Scoil Pol Meditation Room)  

The HearSay

Echo Chamber

Camilla Fanning (IRE) 

Artist using field recordings, spoken word, music, movement and audio to create soundscapes and on site installations.

Sit down, listen to a message, leave your own to be heard by another listener.


Somewhere between Chinese-whispers and cognitive dissonance this participatory art installation explores the threats to independent thought, in particular in relation to the words we hear all around us all the time, from radio interviews, news broadcasts, podcasts and soundbites.


Can we find our own voice - and keep our own thoughts - in the midst of this cacophony?



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



Wander the streets of Kilfinane with your headphones on, as the voices, stories and sounds of local people, HearSay visitors, and special places are triggered off simply by your location and movement.  


For local and vistor alike.  engage for as long as you wish. Come to the Welcome Point to get yourself set up.














When:: Available 24 hours from Friday 29th September 10am

Venue: Streets of Kilfinane



Chris Brookes (Canada)  

Prix Italia & Peabody Winner

Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)    Prix Marulic and  UK Radio Academy Producer of the Year,

Annie McEwen (Canada)  

Third Coast Best Newcomer & Producer with Radiolab

Stranger Kilfinane

An Audible Tasting

There are some things that could only happen at HearSay - An Audible Tasting offering treats for the mouth and ears is definitely one of them.


HearSay Invitees are asked to a guided tasting unlike any other, as a selection of carefully crafted audio pieces from Audible is paired with stunning locally brewed craft beers. The rich, subtle nature of both will be filtered through creative insights from passionate audio producers Collin Campbell, Lina Misitzis, Jesse Baker & Olivia Natt  and the in-depth knowledge of one of Irelands finest food writers.


[HearSay Invitees Only - not suitable for those under 18 years]








When:  Sat 30th Sept 8.30pm  Venue: Old Church

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Audible's Vice President of Original Content Development with colleagues Collin Campbell, Olivia Natt, Lina Misitzis & Jesse Baker. 

Caroline Hennessy (Ire) Broadcaster and author of "Sláinte - The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider"

Empathy Museum (UK) Launched in 2015, the Empathy Museum is dedicated to promoting empathy through a series of participatory arts projects with a focus on storytelling and dialogue.

Walk A Mile in

My Shoes

A Mile in My Shoes is a shoe shop where visitors are invited to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes - literally.


Housed for HearSay17 in Hayes Interiors. This working shop's shelves and counters holds a diverse collection of 150 pairs of shoes and audio stories that explore our shared humanity.


From a Syrian refugee to a sex worker, a war veteran to a neuro surgeon, and new stories from Kilfinane, visitors are invited to walk a mile in the shoes of a stranger whilst listening to their story and go on empathetic as well as a physical journey.





Friday 29th Sept 11am-8pm

Saturday 30th Sept 11am-8pm

Sunday 1st Oct 10am-1pm

Venue: DJ Hayes Interiors



A Moment to Yourself:

The  Hearsay

Audio Toilet

The HearSay Builders

Taking #AudioEverywhere to the max.


Finally a festival toilet with a reason to stay in rather than rush out!


(stay as long as you like - repeats every 5 minutes)














When: Open throughout Sunday 1st October (except when you lock the door!)

Venue: Apple Farm



An intimate and powerful auditory experience specifically designed for HearSay by two of the most interesting people working in audio today. Compassionate and challenging, this piece is engaged with by one person at a time.


By appointment only (issued prior to the festival). Come to the HearSay Welcome Point at the time of your appointment for direction.



Date & Time : Secret Time

Venue: Secret Location

Kaitlin Prest (Canada) 

Audio Artist, Host and creative director of "The Heart"  (Radiotopia).Prix Italia, Overall Winner HearSay Audio Prize 2014

Sharon Mashihi (USA)

Screenwriter and editorial advisor on Radiotopia's "The Heart"

Between You

and the

Bathroom Mirror

In Darkness, (De)light


A weaving of story, theatre, willful narrators and inspiring surprises.


Give yourself over to sumptuous sounds and distilled reflection in a live performance that combines audio with adventure.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: Old Church

Diarmuid McIntyre (IRE)

& Friends

PPI, New York Festival,

and AIBs Gold Winners, Prix Europa Nominees

Ballyhoura CCÉ (IRE)

Since their founding in 204, CCE Ballyhoura has driven a renewal of traditional music & dance in the Kilfinane area with over 150 actiive musicians

A Session is a group of traditional musicians/singers playing together.  


Explore the six pubs and drop in on one or catch all the scehduled sessions of rich local music.


Take a breather, grab a coffee or grab a pint & setttle in.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced



empathy museum toilet 2 bathroom mirrir inne-eysermans-katharina-smets-c-olmo-peeters2 crowded pub ret_06 - RS the_future_of_the_craft_beer_industry

The HearSay

Session Trail


Soundscape Yoga


La Cosa Preziosa (Italy)

Sound artist and field recordist creating short-form audio works using field recordings captured in different locations around the world.


Meira Asher (Israel)

curator-presenter of radioart106FM known for her uncompromising Societal Art  Eran Sachs (Israel)

composer, improviser, sound-artist and curator working in Jerusalem and Jaffa.

The Last Shall be The First

In this HearSay version of Potluck, guests will bring only their ears and mouths to the table as the meal will be provided by guests absent in corporeal form but present sonically.


There will be three different courses, each one in the form of a crafted audio piece exploring the preparation of a dish and the emotional journey experienced by the person cooking it.











When : Saturday 30th Sept 11am

Venue: Diarmuid O'Leary's


When : Saturday 30th Sept 12pm

Venue: Diarmuid O'Leary's


When : Saturday 30th Sept 1pm

Venue: Diarmuid O'Leary's


When : Saturday 30th Sept 2pm

Venue: Diarmuid O'Leary's






Zoë Comyns (IRE) 

PPI award winning independent radio producer.

EHMIT/Owing To The Failure Of


Cristal Duhaime (Canada)

Co-Creator of CBC's 'Love Me', , Prix Italia, Prix Nova and Hearsay Prize Winner (Audio Fiction) 2015

Alexander Charles Adams (USA)

Sound artist, dramaturg, drag queen, producer of radio drama podcast Smash/Cut & Local Actors

What happens when you bring two writers with very different backgrounds, bring in local people as colloborators, and say that the streets and shops of Kilfinane are to be the studio?


Encounter the results of a HearSay creative residency in Kilfinane as Cristal and Alexander supported by festival director  Diarmuid McIntyre work with local actors, writers and community members to create a unique audio fiction rooted in the real world of Kilfinane.


(20 Minutes - arrive and sit)



Saturday 30th Sept 6-8pm

Sunday 1st Oct 10am-6pm

Venue: Brian's Hair Salon



The Kilfinane Barbershop Experiment

Neil in Library IMG_7266

Veronica Simmonds (Canada)

Radio Experimenter, & Artist, Prix Italia Nominee, Docs for CBC, ABC, BBC

Johnny Spence (Canada)

Musician, Composer, Radio Producer and Sound Artist.


A audio fiction meets live composition - When a woman comes across a set of books, she quickly becomes obsessed with them and the lists within.


This piece uses fragmented audio vignettes that chart a relationship from its origins, via a history of sound, telegraphy and communication and a flight into madness.


This is a work in progress/experimental reading and sound composition written and produced by Zoe Comyns with sound design by Brendan Rehill.














When : Friday 29th Sept 7pm

Venue: Apple Farm Space

A performance of a powerful new sound work by the Winner of the 2015 HearSay Prize Sound/Radio Art Award.


With their electroacoustic setups, they carry texts by writers like Frantz Fanon, Wilfred Owen with analogue electrionics, voice and percussion, to new extremes.


It is 2017. Asher.Zax direct their machines at the occupation. 69 years of Israeli state occupation of Palestine.









When: Sunday 1st Oct 3pm

Venue: Old Church



How do we escape in to and out of landscapes? What is the sonic journey of a drop of water as it travels through land, stream and air?


In this  aural adventure,  radio cousins Veronica Simmonds and Johnny Spence (JustBeCuz) are joined by Lindsay Dobbin (Canada) and Kristina Loring (USA) placing sounds and sounding places. Together they will connect the storied realities of Kilfinane with the tidal truths of the Bay of Fundy.


(30 Minutes)


When: Sunday 1st October 3pm

Venue: The Dream Space


When: Sunday 1st October 4pm

Venue: The Dream Space

It's What You're Not Looking At

Phil Smith (UK/Germany)

Musician and radio producer, Winner of The HearSay Prize Overall "Create" Award 2017

An Immersive Radio Poem performed at an adjusted piano by the HearSay Audio Prize 'Create' Overall Award Winner blending live actors and music and pre-recorded sounds recorded in Berlin and Limerick.


Translation between languages, between life and death, between image and sound.


(50 Minutes)













When: Sunday 1st October 5pm:

Venue: The Radio Cinema



Ed Baxter (UK)

Co-founder of Resonance FM, radio artist and producer. 

Sunday morning, coming down?  Time for a coffee, a pastry and a chat.  Salon du chat returns to HearSay for a third time. Sit down with a group of other sound heads and let Salon Du Chat host your meeting of minds.


Choose from a carefully selected menu of conversation topics: starters, main and dessert, each one with an audio flavour, such as The Loud Voice of Protest, Sound Heads, Who’s Listening In? & Cinematic Sound Moments.

Drop in while we;re open and grab a chair and a coffee.















When: Sunday 1st Oct 11am-1pm

Last Orders 12.30pm

Venue: The Apple Farm Cafe




Speed Data Radio

SoundDay Brunch

Speed Data Radio comprises eight to ten tables at each of which are seated four to seven people. Microphones pick up what they say, which is relayed to a mixing desk where the various voices are mixed in real time for both a live performance before a small audience anda stream to a radio audience.


Part experimental theatre, part chat show, part an exercise in live "dub" mixdown (by Ed Baxter) and a lively, efficient and odd way of galvanizing lots of people at once.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Fionn Davenport (IRE) Broadcaster and travel writer with Lonely Planet, RTE, Newstalk and the Irish Times Travel Show

Inside Culture:

A Recording

A recording of a special HearSay Edition of the radio programme "Inside Culture" presented by Fionn Davenport. The series focuses on Creativity, Culture and Ideas and this special  one hour HearSay Festival edition recorded by Regan Hutchins and Zoë Comyns will be broadcast in October on RTÉ Radio 1.


[Closed recording]



















When: During Friday 29th Sept

Venue: Closed Recording

Sound Me Out are bringing their audio feedback sessions to Kilfinane. Whether it's a half-made feature, a finely tuned documentary that you’re still not happy with the final edit, raw audio or even the sound of your dog sneezing, this is the place to bring any sounds that you want some feedback on from a willing and friendly audience.














When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Sound Me Out Kilfinane

The Winners

Talk It All 

(Audio Down Under)


Torben Brandt (Denmark)

Senior documentary and drama radio maker, media advisor, presently the editor in-chief on the bi-weekly “Radio Tales” (Radiofortællinger) on Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s P1-talk channel.

Members of the HearSay Prize Jury invite this year's HearSay AudioPrize winner Mike Williams (True Story) to play his winning piece and delve into the inspiration, process and challenges involved.


There will also be a chance to dive deep into some of Mike's other compelling audio work.  




















When: Sunday 1st Oct 12am

Venue: The Radio Cinema

The Moment Interview - the DNA of Radio Tales

Most radio-story-telling includes a lot of memories and flash-backs. Not seldomly the entire story is built on memories. The ‘Moment Interview’ technique brings you and the story-teller back to the drama scene, the then ‘now’. In collaboration, you and the interviewee brings a story back to life. Together you reconstruct the drama, the movements, the scenography, the smell, the words and the thoughts – all practiced during my session.


(30 Minutes)









When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Funding innovative audio can be a challenge. The BAI Sound and Vision Scheme invest over €1m each year in audio production and has innovation as one of its core objectives.  If you are an Irish based audio maker,


Come along to see if your ideas match the funds objectives. Ask the questions you've always want to ask in an open  and friendly conversation.


(60 Minutes)









When: TBD

Venue: TBD




Cristal Duhaime(Canada)

Co-Creator of CBC's 'Love Me', Writer at 'Wiretap', Prix Italia, Prix Nova and Hearsay Prize Winner (Audio Fiction) 2015

Alexander Charles Adams (USA)

Sound artist, dramaturg, drag queen, producer of the radio drama podcast Smash/Cut,

& Kilfinane Drama Group Members

The Barbershop Experiment - Reflections

Make sure to engage in           "The Kilfinane Barbershop Experiment"  (under Experience).  Then hear reflections from the cast and crew on the creative process in what promises to be a live conversation with twists and turns.  


None of the team involved have ever worked together before. It will be a new experience too for the local writers and actors.


Join the participants in the experiment as they swap insights into the blocks, the bumps, and the breakthroughs.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced

Neil in Library

Dr Kate McAney  (IRE)

Zoologist working for the Vincent Wildlife Trust and following the fortunes of the Lesser Horseshoe bats up and down the West coast of Ireland.

As dusk falls, Bats dip and dive amongst the trees, old buildings and streams of Kilfinane.


Bats live in a world so different to our own because they use ultrasound to guide their incredible flight patterns at frequencies higher than our human capacity to hear.


Head out around Kilfinane equipped with Bat Detectors that translate, to a frequency we CAN hear, the sounds and patterns the bats use to navigate and hunt.

(Talk 60 minutes)

(Walk 60 Minutes)


When: (talk) Sat 30th Sept 6pm

Venue: The Apple Farm Space


When: (Walk) Sat 30th Sept 7pm

Venue: Apple Farm Space



Bring your walking boots and your ears, as we explore a dramatic range of natural sound environments from cascading waterfalls, to ‘dead’ spaces in tree tunnels, and reveal a stunning ancient sonic secret at the heart of a monument three thousand years old.



Date & Time : to be announced

Venue: to be announced




A Walk With Your Ears Wide Open


Diarmuid McIntyre (IRE)

Multi-Award winning founder of Kilfinane-based Grey Heron Media & HearSay Festival Director

Jessie Lawson (UK)

A radio maker who creates platforms for people to tell their own stories, rather than be spoken for.

Mark Vernon (UK)

Sound artist, radio producer and founder of Radiophrenia, Glasgow's art radio station.

Sounds Above Our Ears - A Bat Detection Walk

Inside the mind of a child is a story just bursting to get out

Audio Archaeology: Kilfinane


Held in local peoples living rooms, the HearSay Open Houses are becoming the stuff of legend and embody the spirit of HearSay. Just 12 people and a mystery host who only declares themselves as the tea (or hot whiskey!) is poured.  


Previous secret hosts include Helen Zaltzman, Chris Brookes, Neil Sandell, Lu Olkowlki, Alan Hall, Julia Barton and Steven Rajam in the Old Gaol and the Priest's house,


Discover disciplines & creators that you might not be familiar with and have chance intimate encounters with people whose work you love!


(45 Minutes)


When: Sunday 11am


When: Sunday 12pm


When: Sundayt 1pm


When: Sunday 2pm


Venues: Local peoples houses


Open Houses

FOUR Mystery HearSay19

Event Contributors















(105 Minutes)








When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Sounds from Kilfinane’s past and present intermingle in a stew of audio tape. Cut into fragments, partially erased by magnets and then buried in a hole in the ground – after several days steeped in the earth of Kilfinane the remaining audio snippets will be exhumed, washed and dried, spliced back together and played as part of a special listening event; a ritual of memory and forgetting.  Come and hear the sounds that endure.


Preparation (cleaning, drying splicing) of tape

When: Sat 1st Sept 2pm-5pm

Venue: Scoil Pol


Listening event

When: Sunday 1st Oct 3pm

Venue: Convent Chapel


When: Sunday 1st Oct 4pm

Venue: Convent Chapel



ballyhouraWalking2 jamonbrownbread2


Michael O Kane  (IRE)

Prix Europa and Prix Marulic winner working with RTE Lyric FM.

What am I Bid?

A farmers wheelbarrow is parked, a pair of field muddied wellingtons between the two handles awaiting their owners return.


In the barrow is the giant Vitavox speaker from the cattle auctions of the East Clare Mart last used in the 1960s. From its giant maw, comes a soundscape specially composed for HearSay17 and rooted in the farming tradition of Kilfinane, Kilmallock and Kilfenora


A sound work of accents and voices, auctions, and the ghost of dung.


(stay as long as you like - repeats every 15 minutes)



When: Throughout

Venue: On Kilfinane's Streets



There's a car parked in The Square in Kilfinane.

Its unlocked.  


If someone in there already, join them - it's community.


If there is no-one, get in - it's sanctuary.


Close the door.  

Turn on the Radio . . . Breathe


(15 minutes)



When: Throughout (Daytime) every 20 minutes

Venue: The Square




Rear Mirror:

Seeing through        the danger

Eugene Boyle (IRE)

Architect working with dialogue and narrative spaces, focusing a lens on community, place making and identity.

Rodrigo Crenier (Mexico)

Visual artist who explores the hidden mythologies of isolated and abandoned spaces.

Acoustic Autographs

Grace Digney (IRE)

Artist working with paint, batik, sculpture, print and 'Visible Sound' using an 'Eidophone'.

A favourite from HearSay2015 returns.


Push open the door of the meeting room in the Ballyhoura Apple  Farm and discover the art in your voice.


You can talk, you can sing and using sand and the force of vibration, capture your own acoustic autograph


(around 5 minutes)









When: Saturday 31st Sept 10-6pm

Venue: Apple Farm Meeting room



grace d ret_02 - RS

Brett Ascarelli (Sweden)

Prix-Europa nominated radio producer ,

Sonic Secrets:

A HearSay

Treasure Hunt

HearSay is about discovery - finding yourself in places you didn't know you needed to be in until you got there, conversations you didn't know you needed to have until you connected, sounds you didn't know you needed to hear until your ears, head, and heart sang out in recognition.


Sonic Secrets will help you unearth unforeseen treasure.


(no fixed duration)







When: Gather sounds up to 7pm Saturday 30th September

Venue: Collect sounds collection guide from Welcome point




Neil Sandell (Canada & France)

A Canadian independent producer, a winner of Third Coast and Prix Marulic.

The Full Irish or Pringles? Getting your radio story started.

Traditionally audio is a passive medium, but increasingly we now do our listening on devices with computational functionality. The listener now has a voice. Nicky Birch has been making experimental audio for smart speakers for the past two years and will be sharing examples of her work and hosting a discussion on the value and future possibilities these devices offer audio makers.




(75 Minutes)



When: Sat 30th Sept 11am

Venue:  Convent Chapel


When: Sat  30th Sept 12.35pm

Venue:  Convent Chapel


Should Radio Ever Talk Back?

The Art of Foley

As an audiophile, Kaitlin Prest made a vow never to love film more than audio. She vowed even never to have dalliances with the world's more favourite medium. This year, she is considering breaking that vow. In fact, she has already broken it.

After negotiating option agreements to adapt The Heart, No, and The Shadows with different production companies, Kaitlin offers what she has learned, looks at different case studies of what has worked and why, and shares with us her first experiment with video.


(45 Minutes)








When: TBD

Venue: TBD


An Affair: Film/TV Adaptations of Radio and Podcast

Caoimhe Doyle (Ireland)

Caoimhe Doyle is a Foley artist based in Wicklow, Ireland with 20 years experience creating original sound effects and footsteps for film, television and video games.


They say a hearty breakfast -- like the fabled Full Irish -- is the best way to start the day. But is it the best way to start a radio story? Not so much.


A good beginning leaves the listener hungry for more, like that bag of crisps you can't put down. Join Neil Sandell for a crunchy investigation of great audio openings.  


What's the best way to start an audio story? Like a bag of crisps, a good beginning should leave the listener wanting more.


(45 Minutes)







When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Foley is one of the most subtle yet persuasive special effects used in film. It is an art of illusion and creativity - Jean McGrath and Caoimhe Doyle will be revealing the tricks of their trade and talking us through the often surprising ways sound is produced for film and television. During this special 2.5 hour Foley workshop you will learn how to create and record realistic sound effects.










(45 Minutes)



When: TBC

Venue: TBC

Martin Zaltz Austwick (UK)

Podcast host, producer, musician and performer, probably best known for Answer Me This! and Song by Song, and his music in The Allusionist, Zig Zag, and Radiotopia Live.

Down With Marimba - making music do the heavy lifting

A show's listeners are a fantastic resource for knowledge, experience, stories that are heartbreaking and heartwarming - so why don't we hear from them more often?










(75 Minutes)








When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Get your listeners to do your work for you

The gentle art of talking to strangers

Helen Zaltzman (UK)

The host and producer of The Allusionist and Answer Me This podcasts.

Music is intrinsic to audio, but so frequently seems added as an afterthought to make a piece feel “produced”. What can music do when it’s a more intrinsic, or, dare we say it, fun part of the process? We will hear pieces that set the tone of a show, echo a story arc, convey boring information entertainingly, or do other heavy lifting - so you don’t have to.


(45 Minutes)










When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Even as seasoned journalists and radio makers the idea of striking up a conversation with a total stranger with no idea where this encounter will take you, can be absolutely terrifying. Social Broadcaster Lucia Scazzocchio explores how she uses participatory art installations, mobile radio, props and performance to overcome the fear of the unknown and uncover remarkable stories.




(105 Minutes)







When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Monika Maria Kalcsics (Austria)

A public radio producer and a digital audio aficionada, based in Vienna.

A bigger brain. Inside the writers' room for podcast series

Is the writers' room smarter than the individual author?

Can it be that a group is ultimately more courageous in breaking ground?

Through an example, the session tries to find an answer to this ongoing audio adventure.


(45 Minutes)













When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Nicky Birch (UK)

Nicky has spent the last three years designing voice activated experiences for smart speakers for BBC R&D and via her company Rosina Sound

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

Creator of The Shadows CBC and The Heart Radiotopia. Audio artist exploring power and love.

Benoit Bories (France)

A radio documentary maker and a sound composer (France Culture, Arte radio and RTBF) has won several international awards and nominations for his sound work.

Suggesting through Sound

Acousmatic composition at the service of narration and story telling of your sound piece. How to think and build a landscape and acousmatic sound composition in order to complete a narrative voice.














(90 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Rachel Humphreys (UK)

A freelance producer, currently working on The Guardian's Today in Focus podcast.

A riff on voice, accent, class and the need to change our attitudes towards contributors and the expectations of listeners.













(45 Minutes)








Venue: TBD




















(45 Minutes)







When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Sound of My Secrets - The producer of “Losing Yourself” and “Crying Dry Tears” explores why personal stories can be so compelling in audio, and what you risk by sharing them.














(45 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Sound of My Secrets

From workshops, to master-classes, to giving and receiving "notes" with collaborators, much of the artistic process teaches us how to make clean, generic works. How can we make art without all of the edges sanded off? When is following the rules effective? How do we know which rules to break?


We can find the answers by breaking open genre, medium, and form, and taking a hard look at what we're trying to achieve.


(45 Minutes)







When: TBD

Venue: TBD



Dylan Gauche (Canada) Winner of the 2017 HearSay Audio Prize Rising Award in 2017. Writer, performer, and audio artist.


New Voices Alum and independent producer Ariana Martinez, Martina Castro, Anthony Martinez,  Kavita Pillay and Kyle Norris.

Audio in Wonderland




Whose Voices?

Robin Parmar (Ireland)

The artist who explores the poetics of place through sound installations, musical compositions, experimental video.

We live in The Anthropocene, an epoch marked by human influence on species decline and climate change. As a field recordist, I wonder how historical approaches to nature have been complicit with these changes.


This talk will present a sound recording no-one was meant to hear, the first bird to hit the Top Ten, and other curiosities. By listening to the past, can we change our future?


(45 Minutes)









When: TBD

Venue: TBD




It feels like we're living in a golden age of audio. Never before have there been so many storytelling styles, subjects and genres of programmes: linear radio, interactive narratives, podcasts of every conceivable flavour...and everything in between. Yet it feels sometimes like the audio community is more boxed-up than ever.

"American" vs "European" narrative style... "dusty old dinosaurs" of linear radio vs the sexy new world of the podcast...light-footed solo freelances vs hoary monolithic institutions vs glossy podcast networks.


(45 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Steven Rajam (UK)

A documentary maker, the Creative Director of Overcoat Media based in Cardiff. Winner Priz Italia, Grand Prix Marulic & The EBU Ake Blomstrom Award

Be More Magpie!

Living the Anthropocene: Rethinking Sound and Nature


With nearly 200 alumni spanning the past decade, AIR’s New Voices Scholarship has brought bold, fresh talent to public media and audio storytelling. AIR will gather a selected group of New Voices alumni spanning the generations of the scholarship for a conversation.

How do you navigate the changing industry while focusing on the power of underrepresented narratives? What have you adjusted about your creative practice to protect your own mental wellbeing?

The networking opportunity will provide producers with the chance to mingle, forge new collaborations, or catch up with existing connections

(45 Minutes)


When : TBD

Venue: TBD

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Co-producer of Sound Matters podcast,"True Story" Award Winner HearSay Audio Prize 2017


A Roundtable on Representation and Creativity

About a month ago Benjamen caught a jingle from a Canadian commercial radio station. It went something like this: Audio content that can't stop being radio, or maybe it was can't help being radio. This triggered something that has been gnawing at him for a while about podcasting, radio and formats and freedom.


(45 Minutes)










When: TBD

Venue:  TBD

Benjamen Walker (USA)

An independent radio producer and host of the podcast Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, a founding member of the Radiotopia network.

When Everything Is Possible...

“Jan is in Orpington. Jan, what would you like to say?”


Every day in Britain, hundreds of people pick up the phone and call a radio station. Their voices fill the air waves for millions of listeners, but is there an art to broadcasting this humble format?


Former talk radio producer and radio phone-in fan Rachel Humphreys shares stories and explores the history of the call-in.


(45 Minutes)






When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Memory, personal story and truth

Why do we tell our stories, and can we tell them truthfully? What do we gain and what do we lose in the telling of our tales, and what is a truth once it's told anyway?







(45 Minutes)











When: TBD

Venue: TBD


The Art of the Radio Phone-In

In The Dark Bristol (UK)

A collective of volunteers dedicated to bringing brilliant and beautiful radio to a wider audience by organising curated 'listening events' across the UK.


Our Curating Camemberets for HearSay17 are:

Mair Bosworth (UK)

Emily Knight (UK)

Siobhan Maguire (UK)

Clare Salisbury (UK)

Eliza Lomas (UK)

Sophie Townsend (Australia)

A senior producer at Radio National in Australia. Winner of the 2015 Gold Create Prize.

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Senior Vice President of Original Content Development at Audible, ex-VP of programming at NPR

Rachel Humphreys (UK)

Sound Me Out is an open mic night for audio in London

Salon du Chat (Ireland)

Salon du Chat is a shrine to the art of good conversation.

Mike Williams (Australia) HearSay Audio Prize 2017 True Story Winne, Producer and adventurer at ABC podcast The Real Thing.

Darkness Delight


You MUST have a festival pass to attend most events in the Think, Deepen, Converse and Celebrate Strands & many events in the Encounter & Experience Strands. Collect your pass at the Welcome Desk from September 28th.


To be eligible for a festival pass, you must either

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Expressions of Interest in receiving an Invitation closed June 22nd 2017. Invitations were issued to people from 30 countries. Festival Passes for those coming from outside Kilfinane are now COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT.

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Funding Possibilities for Irish-based Producers


Ciarán Kissane (IRE) 

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, operator of the Broadcast Fund (Sound & Vision)  supporting new and innovative radio programming.

silence to noise2 silence to noise3 phil2

Peregrine Andrews (UK)

sound designer, editor and mixer, producer of "Sound of Sport" for 99% Invisible Podcast

Geoff Marsh (UK)

science writer and radio producer from London


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Our 2017 Festival Partners

Our Event & Equipment Partners


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Philip Smith (UK/Germany)

Jonathan Mitchell (USA) & Diane McCorry (USA)

Maria Dønvang (Denmark)

Eva Moeraert (Belgium)

Mike Williams (Australia)

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Judy-Meg Ní Chinnéide (Ireland)

Dylan Gauche (Canada)

Jungala Star & Adam (Ireland)

Delores Williams (UK), the In the Dark (London) Crew & the HearSay17 Family

zoecomyns2017 Fionn-Davenport andrea rangecroft IMG_0712

In Praise of Hanging Out


Part sermon, part confessional, part love letter... with tape. Radio Diaries producer Joe Richman investigates how we convey feeling in sound. Those moments when voice, scene, plot, and luck converge to create stories we feel in our bodies.


(45 Minutes)














When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Joe Richman (USA)

The founder and executive producer of Radio Diaries, a Peabody Award-winning public radio series and podcast.


Open your ears and eyes to incredible audio made in languages other than English  Radio Atlas and the HearSay Audio Prize 2017 - GanBearla present a premiere screening of the 6 shortlisted Gan Bearla Award nominees pieces freshly subtitled for Radio Atlas and presented in a live conversation with the makers


"And The Sign Says"

Vladimir Kryuchev (Russia)



Alessia Rapone (Italy)


"På toppen/On top"

Maria Dønvang (Denmark


"Blindfold Yourself" 

Jiri Slavicinsky (Czech Republic)


"Stairway to Heaven (in boxer shorts)"  

Eva Moeraert (Belgium)


"The Creator of Fear"  

Ole Fugl (Denmark)



When: Saturday 30th Sept 4pm

Venue: The Radio Cinema



Radio Atlas & HearSay Audio Prize 2017 GanBearla Nominees

Radio Atlas no text

Premieres & Insights


salonWanted HearSayPrize2017-SarahMashma Barbershop-AlexanderAdamscropped2 Meira OldChurch HearSay17 via Robin Parmar potluck3-lucyDearloveSquare Dream-justineParadisCropped RadioCinema-RadioAtlas

When: Friday 29th Sept 6pm

MAYDAY MAYDAY – Innovative docudrama Becky Ripley (UK)


When: Friday 29th Sept 7pm

Mary McDonnell (Ireland) introduces Grey Heron Media's multi-award winning RTE Doc "Take no More" on the Kilfinane School Standoff that sparked HearSay


When: Saturday 30th Sept 11am

Nick White (USA) introduces two episodes of KCRW's UnFictional 


When: Saturday 30th Sept 12pm

David Waters (UK) introduces BBC 3 ‘Second Side Up: A Life Captured in Radio


When: Saturday 30th Sept 1pm

Jonathan Mitchell (USA) introduces a brand new story from The Truth Podcast, 'Brain Chemistry


When: Saturday 30th Sept 2pm

Mira Burt-Wintonick (Canada) & Cristal Duhaime (Canada) - Love Me, Wiretap) introduce two stories from their scripted comedy series Pen Pals,


When: Saturday 30th Sept 3pm

Steven Rajam (UK) introduces his documentary "Robert Lowell: A Life in Study"


When: Sunday 1st Oct 2pm

All five episodes of the micro series ‘Missing’ for BBC Radio 4's  The Untold, produced by Georgia Catt (UK)


When: Sunday 1st Oct 3pm

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT Producer Lina Misitzis (USA) introduces her brand new Audible podcast with Jon Ronson.  


When: Sunday 1st Oct 4pm

A special subtitled screening of Luc Haekens and Edwin Brys's 'Everyday Something Disappears' (Belgium), introduced by the founder of Radio Atlas Eleanor McDowall (UK)"


Phoebe Wang (USA)

When: Friday 29th Sept 5pm



Mark Vernon (UK)

When: Friday 29th Sept 6pm



Veronica Simmonds (Canada)

When: Friday 29th Sept 7pm



Kate Montague (Australia)

When: Saturday 30th Sept 10am



Johnny Spence (Canada)

When: Saturday 30th Sept 12pm

Venue: Public Library


Kathy O'Hare/Jungala Radio (Ireland)

When: Saturday 30th Sep 3pm



Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)

When: Saturday 30th Sept 4pm



Annie McEwen (Canada)

When: Saturday 30th Sept 6pm



Alexander Adams (USA)

When: Sunday 1st Oct 12pm



Lulu Miller (USA)

When: Sunday 1st Oct 4pm




Our thanks to BUTLERS CHOCOLATES who this year have helped us make our chocolate box layers even more special by gifting handmade Irish artisan chocolates to accompany our Audio!


(60 Minutes)










When : Sunday 1st October 5pm

Venue: The Old Church




You MUST have a HearSay19 "Immerse" or "Engage" pass to attend (nearly) all the events in the Think, Deepen, Converse and Celebrate Strands & many events in the Encounter & Experience Strands.  


For Events marked "Discover-OPEN TO ALL" a "Discover" Pass  will be available (without charge) from the Welcome desk.


Lucy Dearlove (UK) 

Independent audio producer, radio teacher and  host of podcast "Lecker"

Benjamin Walker1 Rachel Humphreys1 JoeRichmanPhoto1 Sophie Townsend

Ibby Caputo (USA)

An award-winning journalist, essayist, audio producer and editor

Ibby Headshot1 dylan gauche1 Steven Rajam 11 (1)

Peregrine Andrews (UK)

Sound designer, mixer and radio producer.  

Peregine Andrews1

Sound of Sport


















(45 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

air Kaitlin Prest Torben Brandt Caoimhe Doyle Neil Sandell1 Jessie Lawson benoit_bories11 Nicky Birch Martin Austwick1 Monika Kalcsics1 Wes Swing - photo by Kristen Finn1 Helen Zaltzman1 Lucia Scazzocchio

Lucia Scazzocchio (UK)

Social Broadcaster Lucia Scazzocchio is a sound artist, radio producer, community facilitator and educator.


By the end of reporting, the makers of the West Cork Podcasts had over 150 interviews, many theories on “who dun it.”, hundreds of story tangents and rabbit holes and dozens of hours of tape. How do you possibly make sense of it all and create a series of that scale. Also, to help make the session as relevant as possible, the creators will explore how to approach these same creative problems with more modest budgets and staff sizes. (one of three "West Cork@HearSay19" sessions that can also be attend on a standalone basis)  




(105 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

West Cork: Post-Production - Shaping Chaos

Slavek kwi 1

Students of Scoil Pol join musician Wes and Audio Feature maker Kelley for a 2 hour workshop on electronic looping and the essentials of storytelling (part of HearSay Engage).










(75 Minutes)








When: TBD

Venue: TBD


“Looping Stories” (Workshop for secondary school students)

Wes Swing (USA)

A cellist, singer, and composer who makes collaborative compositions with communities. Kelley Libby is an audio documentary maker who works with communities to tell stories.

West Cork (USA/UK)

Jesse Baker, Eric Nuzum, Jennifer Forde, Sam Bungey


From its earliest conception, "West Cork" was envisioned and structured to tell a story more like a novel than a radio or podcast story. It is more than an expansive narrative arc, novels have recurring themes, morals, characters as avatars for concepts and underlying themes, etc. IN this talk, we’ll play tape and discuss examples of how West Cork was framed as a narrative and the lessons the creators imported from written form into the audio documentary. (one of three "West Cork@HearSay19" sessions that can also be attend on a standalone basis)  




(105 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

West Cork: Before Production - A Podcast as A Novel

Jeanti St Clair

Like a podcast on legs? Designing audio walks

Jeanti St Clair (Australia)

Award-winning journalism lecturer, documentary-maker and PhD researcher exploring immersive sound design for locative audio walks.

But is it? Place-based audio comes with its own set of design concerns. This workshop outlines how to design an immersive and engaging app-based audio walk. Narrative, instruction, sound design, route, selecting a locative platform are among the topics discussed in this two-hour ‘walkshop’.




(105 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Iseli-Chioli Dance Company (Argentina/



Dance, Movement and Sound

A unique workshop for HearSay in collaboration with Tipperary Dance Platform that will explore the focus on the breath as a source of movement and sound.


A class that invites participants to move connected with their breath and its natural movement. The participants will follow a set of exercises that will help them to feel and understand the natural movement of our breath and invite them how to expand this natural movement to the rest of the body. The class aims for the participant to explore and expand their range movement thought breath.


(75 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD


Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli(1)1

How do two British journalists (and their American producers) tell an authentic and respectful story that is deeply rooted in the culture and character of a rural Irish place? Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde of the acclaimed "West Cork" podcast share their experience embedding into the community, build trust, gaining access to difficult subjects, and finding a way to tell this story in an authentic (and accurate way) that honors both the victim, the local residents, and the place they call home. (one of three "West Cork@HearSay19" sessions that can also be attend on a standalone basis)  




(105 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

West Cork (UK)

Jennifer Forde, Sam Bungey


West Cork: Production/

Reporting - Access and Honour















(105 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

The Sound of The Favourite

Michelle Fingleton (Ireland)

Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor who has worked on Game of Thrones

Mary-Elaine Tynan (Ireland)

A freelance journalist and writer in Ireland, writing books and making TV and radio documentaries.

From Ear to Page

From Tape to Page: An interactive session with Marc Mc Menamin author of Codebreaker and Mary Elaine Tynan author of Life after Life. Both of these books started out as Radio documentaries. The session will deal with the process and challenges of turning your radio doc in a best selling book.








(105 Minutes)


When: TBD

Venue: TBD

Michelle Fingleton Photo Mary Elaine Tynan1 Rachel Humphreys1