International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland


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“A magical, informative, inspiring experience.” :::  “A brilliant and inspiring festival well worth visiting.” ::: “An extraordinary adventure into sound. The perfect festival.” :;: “Completely magical, slightly mad, unexpected, unconventional, surprising and wonderful.” :::  “A new kind of audio festival that presented fresh ideas in intimate ways, grounded in a rich and welcoming community.” ::: “Woodstock for radio!”

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Kate Montague (Australia)

Lulu Miller (USA)

Alan Hall (UK)

Mike Williams (Australia)

Marie Dønvang (Denmark)

Lina Misitzis (USA)

Johnny Spence (Canada)

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

Eva Moeraert (Belgium)

Michael Raphael (USA)

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Judy Meg Ní Chinnéide (Ireland) 

Jesse Baker (USA)

Fionn Davenport (Ireland)

Leo Hornak (UK)

Jungala Radio (Ireland)

Dylan Gauche (Canada)

Collin Campbell (USA)

Radio Atlas (UK)

Eugene Boyle (Ireland)

Diane McCorry (USA)

Caroline Hennessy (Ireland)

Matt Kielty (USA)

Douglas Murray (USA) 

Steven Rajam (UK) 

Diarmuid McIntyre (Ireland) 

Katherina Smets (Belgium) 

The Empathy Museum (UK)

Jonathan Mitchell (USA)

Michael O'Kane (Ireland) 

Eran Sachs (Israel)

Karen Werner (USA)

Laurent Baraton (France)

Salon Du Chat (Ireland) 

Lucy Dearlove (UK)

Phoebe Wang (USA) 

Zoe Comyns (Ireland) 

Mark Vernon (UK) 

Chris Brookes (Canada) 

Alexander Adams (USA)

Jessica Foley (Ireland) 

Rachel Ni Chiunn (Ireland) 

Meira Asher (Israel) 

Emer Horgan (Ireland) 

Peregrine Andrews (UK) 

Ingrid Leonard (Belgium) 

Brendan Rehill (Ireland)

Geoff Marsh (UK) 

Fatos Vladi (Albania) 

Robin Parmar (Canada/Ireland) 

Steve Fanagan (Ireland) 

In the Dark London (UK) 

Annie McEwen (Canada)

Grace Digney (Ireland)

Rob Byers (USA)

Ciaran Kissane (Ireland) 

Inne Eysermans (Belgium)

Julia Barton (USA)

In the Dark Bristol (UK)

Dr Kate McAney (Ireland)

Cathy Fitzgerald (UK)

Cristal Duhaime (Canada)

Phil Smith (UK/Germany)

Slavek Kwi (Czechia)

Brett Ascarelli (Sweden)

Veronica Simmonds (Canada)

Olivia Natt (USA)

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HearSay Audio Prize 2019

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Our mission is a simple one: To create a home that celebrates and inspires creative audio all around the world.


In 2019, that home is once again Kilfinane, a mountain village in Ireland which for the four days and nights of the HearSay International Audio Festival will be taken over by the worlds finest audio makers. We're delighted to announce that the 4th International HearSay International Audio Festival will take place April 4th-7th 2019.


The HearSay International Audio Festival hosts international award-winning contributors from all disciplines of creative audio; radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, music, audio fiction. Hearsay fosters collaboration & imagination, compelling insights, creative challenges, unique experiences with no name badges. HearSay means passion and free-flowing inspiration rooted in a real sense of community.


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HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Winners

Adriana Disman (Canada)

Benoit Bories (France)

Helen Zaltzman (UK)

Sophie Townsend (Australia)

Danny McCarthy (Ireland)

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

John De Lore (USA)

Maria Dønvang (Denmark)

Slavek Kwi (Czech Republic)

Cathy FitzGerald (UK)

Stepháne Marin (France)

Dylan Gauche (Canada)

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Jazmin Chiodi (Argentina) 

This Wachter (Switzerland)

Torben Brandt (Denmark) 

Kelley Libby (USA)

Fatos Vladi (Albania/Netherlands)

Daniel Lewis (Denmark/US)

Peregrine Andrews (UK)

Monika Maria Kalcsics (Austria)

Brendan Francis Newman (USA)

Michelle Fingleton (Ireland) 

Johannes Dalsgaard (Denmark)

Lucy Dearlove (UK)

Damien Fitzpatrick (USA)

Diarmuid McIntyre (Ireland)

Don Duncan (Ireland)

Ed Baxter (UK)

Carina Pesch (Germany) 

Wes Swing (USA)

Eleanor McDowall (UK)

Brendan Francis Newman (USA) 

Empathy Museum (UK)

Floris van Manen (Netherlands) 

Bradley Campbell (USA)

Pat Mulcahy (Ireland)

In the Dark Bristol (UK)

Martin Austwick (UK)

Jessica Bineth (Australia)

Ibby Caputo (USA)

Jessie Lawson (UK)

Robin Parmar (Canada)

Isabel Tennant (UK)

Joe Richman (USA)

Lucia Scazzocchio (UK)

Martina Weber (Germany)

Marc McMenamin (Ireland)

Geoff Marsh (UK)

Geraldine OSullivan (Ireland)

Mae-Li Evans (UK)

Alexandre Iseli (Switzerland)

Calum Perrin (UK)

Mary-Elaine Tynan (Ireland) 

Rachel Humphreys (UK)

Neil Sandell (Canada/France)

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Rachel Ni Chuinn (Ireland)

Jesse Baker (USA)

Conor O'Toole (Ireland)

Henrique Hinnerfeldt (Denmark) 

Salon Du Chat (Ireland)


with more to be announced in the coming weeks