International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



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"HearSay19 turned the world inside out for 3 days."  -  “Hugely stimulating, enjoyable and convivial.”  -   "The most inspiring audio event I've attended in  two decades of working in radio."  -  “I left HearSay19 believing in myself as an artist.”  -  “Love for the audio without borders.”  -  “Wonderful presentations in misty hills.”  -  “A tonic for a creative soul that was feeling a little run down.”  -  "A boisterous encounter with sounds, ideas and friends."  -  "The most efficient and digestible audio skills-sharing and magic experienced on the planet."  -  "I'm dancing in an apple farm with all the people who live in my ears, this is wonderful!" -  "A space for community and inspiration that expands your sense of what's possible."  -  "An extravaganza of radio and sound."  -  "Woodstock for radio!"

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HearSay Audio Prize 2021

Online Live Listens to Shortlisted Pieces

as part of HearSay Homefires. 

SEE the 2021 Prize Jury HERE

LISTEN to the 2021 Award Winners HERE (Awards Ceremony 14th May 2021)



The HearSay International Audio Arts Festival hosts international award-winning contributors from all disciplines of creative audio; radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, music, audio fiction. Hearsay fosters collaboration & imagination, compelling insights, creative challenges, unique experiences with no name badges. HearSay means passion and free-flowing inspiration rooted in a real sense of community.


Our mission is a simple one: To carve out a unique space to inspire the creative audio community around the world and to enrich the cultural and economic life of our home community in Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, a mountain village in South-West Ireland.


Every two years (excepting those which fall in the middle of a global pandemic), for the four days and nights of the HearSay International Audio Festival, Kilfinane also becomes the home of the worlds finest audio makers (present and future!)

What's happening at HearSay Encounters (Schedule HERE)

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HearSay Encounters : 29-30 May 2021

in Kilfinane - in public spaces - in the open air - completely FREE

HearSay in 2021 is #NotYourNormalHearSay


From 7-14 May 2021, HearSay HomeFires took place online During a very special week of HearSay HomeFires (7th-14th May) we hosted stunning performances, puzzled in our Sonic Pub Quiz, made scones together in live audio baking, celebrated audio life in Kilfinane beyond HearSay, dived into the making of powerful audio works, premiered a HearSay documentary film, walked virtually and really through the streets of Kilfinane, explored the intersection of dance and creative audio.  Over 8 “Live Listens” sessions we all came together to hear 58 pieces shortlisted for the 2021 HearSay Prize hosted by their creators

See our 2021 Prize Jury here & Listen to the 2021 winners here. 


Now from 29-30 May 2021 - HearSay Encounters (in public spaces) is a self-discover trail of giant sonic sculptures, soundworks, art, impromptu music, and deep listening. Its a chance to explore Kilfinane with ears wide open, to remind ourselves of life's possibilities.

Amongst the things to watch out for in this special twist on the HearSay Audio Arts Festival:


A giant gramophone sparks the imagination and memory playing commentary from matches, festivals of yesterday and Kilfinane choirs.


A Giant Elk strides the square frozen – its bellow the fractured fragments of now stilled sounds of Kilfinane collective life that grow harder to remember.


Benches play audio Haikus, the sounds of the Amazon meld with Kilfinanes birdsong, films screen in windows, craft groups showcase their work accompanied by a pre-pandemic radio feature, self-guided walks discover hidden corners with sonic surprises!

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HearSay is a unique live event that since 2014 has brought audio makers of all disciplines from all over the world together, with the people of Kilfinane, who host the festival and share their town, welcoming HearSay onto their streets and into their pubs and homes since 2014. World class audio in an Irish mountain village. Two communities discovering each other. A love of place. A love of sound. A shared space for new ideas and unexpected connections. HearSay is a kind of magic you can’t find anywhere else.