International Audio Arts Festival

April 4th-7th 2019

Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland



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"HearSay19 turned the world inside out for 3 days."  -  “Hugely stimulating, enjoyable and convivial.”  -   "The most inspiring audio event I've attended in  two decades of working in radio."  -  “I left HearSay19 believing in myself as an artist.”  -  “Love for the audio without borders.”  -  “Wonderful presentations in misty hills.”  -  “A tonic for a creative soul that was feeling a little run down.”  -  "A boisterous encounter with sounds, ideas and friends."  -  "The most efficient and digestible audio skills-sharing and magic experienced on the planet."  -  "I'm dancing in an apple farm with all the people who live in my ears, this is wonderful!" -  "A space for community and inspiration that expands your sense of what's possible."  -  "An extravaganza of radio and sound."  -  "Woodstock for radio!"

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HearSay Audio Prize 2021  

Listen to the 2019 Winners! Click Here 


NOW OPEN for Entries

EarlyBird Deadline 4th January2020

Final Deadline         21st January 2021

(dates adjusted due to Covid-19)



HearSay19 Programme

HearSay19 completely booked out.

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PLEASE NOTE - Due to Covid-19, the 2021 Festival is likely to be an online/blended event. It is recommended to not book flights to Ireland at this point


Our mission is a simple one: To create a home that inspires creative audio around the world.


In 2019, that home was once again Kilfinane, a mountain village in Ireland which for the four days and nights of the HearSay International Audio Festival was taken over by the worlds finest audio makers. The 4th HearSay International Audio Arts Festival took place April 4th-7th 2019. The next HearSay is currently planned to take place 22nd-25th April 2021 and is likely to be an online/blended event due to the Covid-19 Pandemic


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The HearSay International Audio Arts Festival hosts international award-winning contributors from all disciplines of creative audio; radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, music, audio fiction. Hearsay fosters collaboration & imagination, compelling insights, creative challenges, unique experiences with no name badges. HearSay means passion and free-flowing inspiration rooted in a real sense of community.

HearSay Audio Prize 2019 Winners

Leila Day (USA)

Mike Williams (Australia)

Benjamen Walker (USA)

Adriana Disman (Canada)

Jason Phipps (UK)

Kara Oehler (USA)

Benoit Bories (France)

Scott Carrier (USA)

Helen Zaltzman (UK)

Jonathan Zenti (Italy)

Jeanti St Clair (Australia)

Ariana Martinez (USA)

Chris Brookes (Canada)

Lu Olkowski (USA)

Sophie Townsend (Australia)

Danny McCarthy (Ireland)

Martina Castro (USA)

Kaitlin Prest (Canada)

John De Lore (USA)

Maria Dønvang (Denmark)

Amy Hanley (Australia) 

Slavek Kwi (Czech Republic)

Cathy FitzGerald (UK)

Kyle Norris (USA)  

Ping Zhao (China)

Kavita Pillay (USA)

Cristal Duhaime (Canada)

Eugene Boyle (Ireland)

Mira Burt-Wintonick (Canada)

Nina Garthwaite (UK)

Daragh Dukes (Ireland)

Anthony Martinez (USA)

Johanna Fricke (Germany)

Mary McDonnell (Ireland)

Hannah Dean (UK)

Joyce de Badts (Belgium)

Wederik De Backer (Belgium)

Helene Thomas (Australia)  

Neena Pathak (USA)

Ultan O'Brien (Ireland)

Jazmin Chiodi (Argentina) 

Phil Smith (UK)

This Wachter (Switzerland)

Torben Brandt (Denmark) 

Kelley Libby (USA)

Fatos Vladi (Albania/Netherlands)

Daniel Lewis (Denmark/US)

Peregrine Andrews (UK)

Grace Digney (Ireland)

Monika Maria Kalcsics (Austria)

Steven Rajam (UK)

Brendan Francis Newman (USA)

Michelle Fingleton (Ireland) 

Johannes Dalsgaard (Denmark)

Lucy Dearlove (UK)

Damien Fitzpatrick (USA)

Diarmuid McIntyre (Ireland)

Carina Pesch (Germany) 

Brendan Francis Newman (USA)

Don Duncan (Ireland)

Eleanor McDowall (UK)

Wes Swing (USA)

Empathy Museum (UK)

Pat Mulcahy (Ireland)

In the Dark Bristol (UK)

Martin Austwick (UK)

Jessica Bineth (Australia)

Ibby Caputo (USA)

Stepháne Marin (France)

Dylan Gauche (Canada)

Eric Nuzum (USA)

Jessie Lawson (UK)

Robin Parmar (Canada)

Isabel Tennant (UK)

Kevin Brew (Ireland)

Joe Richman (USA)

Lucia Scazzocchio (UK)

Martina Weber (Germany)

Marc McMenamin (Ireland)

Geoff Marsh (UK)

Geraldine O'Sullivan (Ireland)

Mae-Li Evans (UK)

Alexandre Iseli (Switzerland)

Calum Perrin (UK)

Mary-Elaine Tynan (Ireland) 

Rachel Humphreys (UK)

Neil Sandell (Canada/France)

Andrea Rangecroft (UK)

Rachel Ni Chuinn (Ireland)

Jesse Baker (USA)

Tereza Reková (Czech Republic)

Conor O'Toole (Ireland)

Henrique Hinnerfeldt (Denmark) 

Salon Du Chat (Ireland)

Lena Löhr  (Germany) 

Eoin O'Kelly (Ireland)


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#HearSay19 has ended  - long live #HearSay21!


Dates for next HearSay

22nd-25th April 2021

Due to Covid, the 2021 Festival is likely to be online/blended